chemical X ep 58: spooky songs


  1. Grim Reaper by Suzi Wu on grim reaper (s/r)
  2. haunting (interlude) by Clipping. on There Existed An Addiction to Blood (Sub Pop)
  3. good and evil by debby friday on death drive (deathbomb arc)
  4. ghost by lana del rabies on shadow world (deathbomb arc)
  5. She Magical by Dis Fantasy on dis fantasy (s/r)
  6. night crawler by ed balloon on no smoking (s/r)
  7. juju by they hate change on now, and never again (deathbomb arc)
  8. Bruja De Brujas by Y La Bamba on Mujeres (Tender Loving Empire)
  9. surrounded by ghosts by shannon and the clams on i wanna go home (1-2-3-4 go!)
  10. spider's lament by quetzal on quetzanimales (s/r)
  11. spider/WAVES by le butcherettes on bi/MENTAL (rise records)
  12. medusa's gallery by the potential lunatics on dizzy spells and garden talk (s/r)
  13. another song about ghosts by joy again on joy again (s/r)
  14. boos by annie hayden on the enemy of love (merge)
  15. casper the friendly ghost by daniel johnston on welcome to my world (eternal yip eye)