Alley Cat Radio (Episode 9)


  1. Should Have Known by Still Parade (Feel Flows)
  2. anemone by slenderbodies on fabulist (Majestic Casual Records)
  3. What Would I Do? by Strawberry Guy on What Would I Do? (Melodic)
  4. Red Wine by Grapetooth on Grapetooth (Polyvinyl)
  5. I Saw The End by Ardency on Honey Moon (Ardency)
  6. Son Of A Beach by The Polarity on Sugarcoat (Records DK)
  7. That Easy by Yellow Days on Is Everythin Okay In Your World? (Sony)
  8. Underneath The Moon by Gardens & Villa (Gardens & Villa)
  9. Coca Cola by Divino Niño on Foam (Winspear)
  10. What Once Was by Her's on Songs of Her's (Heist or Hit Records)
  11. 2031 by Inner Wave on Underwater + (Inner Wave)
  12. Suddenly by Kevin Krauter on Toss Up (Secretly Canadian)
  13. Ontario Gothic by Foxes In Fiction on Ontario Gothic (Orchid Tapes)
  14. You're Not With Me by No Vacation on Intermission (topshelf records)