1. Perfect Place by Sui Zhen on Perfect Place (Cascine)
  2. Shikoswe by Eyes On You on Back in the Tall Grass (Sameyness)
  3. Like the Sun by Tanukichan on Sundays (Company)
  4. Moving On, Getting On by Christelle Bofale on Swim Team (Father/Daughter Records)
  5. Monarch by Long Beard on Means To Me (Double Double Whammy)
  6. A swim in the love that you give me by Leah Dou on A swim in the love that you give me (Grey Waters Limited)
  7. Maman by La Femme Pendu on Maman (Silent G)
  8. Ancient Civilization by Screaming Females on Singles Too (Don Giovanni)
  9. Aerosol Burns by Essential Logic on Fanfare in the Garden (Kill Rock Stars)
  10. Danger by Pylon on Soul Jazz Records Presents KEITH HARING: The World of Keith Haring (Northcott Music)
  11. Kick in the Eye by Bauhaus on Mask (Beggars Banquet)
  12. DHL by Frank Ocean on DHL (Blonded)
  13. Funeral by Miguel on Funeral (RCA)
  14. H34T RISES by Nilufer Yanya on Miss Universe (ATO)
  15. Wreckage of the Hunt by Elena Setién, Mary Lattimore on Wreckage of The Hunt (Thrill Jockey)
  16. Red Right Hand by PJ Harvey on Red Right Hand (Universal)
  17. I Float Alone by Julee Cruise on Floating Into The Night (Warner)