The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ DJ Van Helsing (Montana) & Mange (New Orleans) 11/5/19


  1. Cost Of Life by Kontravoid on Too Deep
  2. The Telephone Call by Kraftwerk on Electric Cafe
  3. I Feel Love by Klaus Nomi on In Concert
  4. Love My Way by Assembly 23 on Newer Wave 2.0
  5. Temple Of Love by The Sisters Of Mercy on A Slight Case Of Overbombing
  6. Situation by Yazoo on Upstairs At Eric's
  7. Westerners by Boy Harsher on Country Girl EP
  8. Hallow Point by Vore Aurora on Eidiolon
  9. City's Full by Savages on Silence Yourself
  10. Nonplussed by Missing on The Miserablist
  11. Break
  12. Reasons Mourning by Come To Ruin on Demo EP
  13. Metamarism by Trashlight on Honey Insulation
  14. Sky Collapse by Kirlian Camera feat. Covenant on Sky Collapse EP
  15. Sto Stokadi (In The Night) by Selofan on Sto skotadi
  16. Slowly We Inch by Faderhead on Asteria