creep magnet #110


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  1. black and white by the raincoats on The Raincoats (Rough Trade) $ Buy
  2. white on white by dear forbidden on glitter and disonance (694592 Records DK) $ Buy
  3. don't touch my hair by fuck u pay us on live at ceilo gallery (-) $ Buy
  4. uncle bob by L7 on L7 (epitaph) $ Buy
  5. honour's calling by unwarranted trust on P.E.A.C.E. & War (RRadical records) $ Buy
  6. black telephone by sarah bethe nelson on fast moving clouds (burger) $ Buy
  7. paying by Sarah Bethe Nelson on fast moving clouds (burger records) $ Buy
  8. Ixc999 by White Ring on Black Earth That Made Me (Rocket Girl Records) $ Buy
  9. la sirena by PSIRENS on single (matron records) $ Buy
  10. Fidgets by keri shewmaker f/ drew pearson on single (-) $ Buy
  11. your enemy can't harm you by flora molton and the truth band on Living Country Blues USA, Vol. 3 (L+R Records) $ Buy
  12. ayanmo l'owo by queen oladunni decency on Her Majesty Queen Oladunni Decency And Her Unity Orchestra (nigeria) $ Buy