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  1. Work That Thang 19 by Dj Manny on 1990 (Self Released)) $ Buy
  2. Missy Bit by Color Plus on Roadrunner (self released) $ Buy
  3. Jet Lag by Ivy Lab on Death Don’t always Taste Good (20/20 LDN)) $ Buy
  4. They Never Taught Us To by IDHAZ x Bored Lord on They Never Taught Us To EP (self released) $ Buy
  5. XERECATION by DJ Nardini & JHONA! Part. Mc GW on single (self released) $ Buy
  6. Hoodwinked - by J:Kenzo on Taygeta Code (Self Released) $ Buy
  7. Hotline by Ivy Lab & Two Fingers on Single (20/20 LDN Recordings)) $ Buy
  8. Hide Me Ft. Shabazz Palaces - by Flying Lotus on Single (Self Released)) $ Buy
  9. Embark - by Sam Gallantry on Viewfinder Vol 1.: PHOSPHENE ( Awal Digital) $ Buy
  10. You & Me (Flume Remix) (Nymfo Bootleg) Balint Edit by Disclosure on single (self released) $ Buy
  11. Dreams Of Heaven by Count Vanderhoff on Rave Tools - (Black Marble Collective) $ Buy
  12. vibe angel mix1 by Flying Lotus __ Massive Attack on single (self released) $ Buy
  13. Betty White by Ivy Lab & barclay Crenshaw on Stars (20/20 LDN ) $ Buy
  14. The Devil You Know by Ajazent on Rave Tools (Black Marble Collective) $ Buy
  15. Tempest by Alix Perez on Ghosts EP (1985 Music) $ Buy
  16. Danky by Detour on Rave Tools (Black Marble Collective) $ Buy
  17. Walk It Out (DJ Rashads Slip Away Remix) by Scratcha DVA on Mad Hatter (Self Released)) $ Buy
  18. WORK DAT MUTHA FUCKA (footwork Remix) Feat Steve Pointdexter by TRAXMAN on TEKLIFE009 (Teklife) $ Buy
  19. True Story Bro by Please on Single ( Self) $ Buy
  20. Bleach by Philip D Kick on Rave Tools (Black Marble Collective)) $ Buy
  21. Papaya by Tsuruda X Huxley Anne on Single (Self Released) $ Buy
  22. Hood Rat Shit (Please Edit) by Megan Thee Stallion on single ( Self) $ Buy
  23. 2AM! by Manny on 1990 (self released) $ Buy
  24. Off Kush Boa Mono Poly Remix - by Mono Poly, DJ Earl on Single (self released) $ Buy
  25. Midnight In A Perfect World by Dj Shadow on Endtroducing… (A&M Recording) $ Buy