1. Work That Thang 19 by Dj Manny on 1990 (Self Released))
  2. Missy Bit by Color Plus on Roadrunner (self released)
  3. Jet Lag by Ivy Lab on Death Don’t always Taste Good (20/20 LDN))
  4. They Never Taught Us To by IDHAZ x Bored Lord on They Never Taught Us To EP (self released)
  5. XERECATION by DJ Nardini & JHONA! Part. Mc GW (self released)
  6. Hoodwinked - by J:Kenzo on Taygeta Code (Self Released)
  7. Hotline by Ivy Lab & Two Fingers (20/20 LDN Recordings))
  8. Hide Me Ft. Shabazz Palaces - by Flying Lotus (Self Released))
  9. Embark - by Sam Gallantry on Viewfinder Vol 1.: PHOSPHENE (Awal Digital)
  10. You & Me (Flume Remix) (Nymfo Bootleg) Balint Edit by Disclosure (self released)
  11. Dreams Of Heaven by Count Vanderhoff on Rave Tools - (Black Marble Collective)
  12. vibe angel mix1 by Flying Lotus __ Massive Attack (self released)
  13. Betty White by Ivy Lab & barclay Crenshaw on Stars (20/20 LDN)
  14. The Devil You Know by Ajazent on Rave Tools (Black Marble Collective)
  15. Tempest by Alix Perez on Ghosts EP (1985 Music)
  16. Danky by Detour on Rave Tools (Black Marble Collective)
  17. Walk It Out (DJ Rashads Slip Away Remix) by Scratcha DVA on Mad Hatter (Self Released))
  18. WORK DAT MUTHA FUCKA (footwork Remix) Feat Steve Pointdexter by TRAXMAN on TEKLIFE009 (Teklife)
  19. True Story Bro by Please (Self)
  20. Bleach by Philip D Kick on Rave Tools (Black Marble Collective))
  21. Papaya by Tsuruda X Huxley Anne (Self Released)
  22. Hood Rat Shit (Please Edit) by Megan Thee Stallion (Self)
  23. 2AM! by Manny on 1990 (self released)
  24. Off Kush Boa Mono Poly Remix - by Mono Poly, DJ Earl (self released)
  25. Midnight In A Perfect World by Dj Shadow on Endtroducing… (A&M Recording)