Best of 2019 pt 1


  1. Psycho by Dave on Psychodrama
  2. Deep Wounds by Polo G on Die A Legend
  3. AAA Powerline by Ecco2k on E
  4. Dunia by Mc Yallah and Debmaster on Kubali
  5. A Thing You Call Joy by Sinead O'Brien on A Thing You Call Joy
  6. Company by Fran on A Private Picture (Fire Talk Records)
  7. Bloom by Great Grandpa on Four of Arrows (Double Double Whammy)
  8. Dusky by Friendship on Dreamin'
  9. Adeleine by Water From Your Eyes on Somebody Else's Song (Exploding in Sound)
  10. Poison Arrow by Yeule on Seratonin II (Bayonet)
  11. Pestisound (Moving Out) by Snapped Ankles on Stunning Luxury
  12. Mum Tells Me by Waqwaq Kingdom on Essaka Hoisa
  13. Pandaemonium by Giant Swan on Giant Swan (Keck)
  14. Faz A Minha by DJ Nigga Fox on Cartas Na Magna (Principe)
  15. money machine by 100 gecs on 1000 gecs