The Beat / BPM / Art Beat


  1. We Get By by Gooch Palms on NOVO'S (Urinal Cake Records)
  2. Morningstar by Grant Hart on The Argument (Domino)
  3. Invisible Ink by Glow Kit on Glow Kit (FDH Records)
  4. Fall In by Cloud Nothings on Attack on Memory (Carpark)
  5. Like How You Are by P.S. Eliot on Introverted Romance in our Troubled Mind (Salinas Records)
  6. High Lonesome by Gaslight Anthem on The '59 Sound (SideOneDummy)
  7. Lintel Rktu by Kleenex Girl Wonder on Let It Buffer (This Will Be Our Summer)
  8. Long Island by That Dog on Retreat From the Sun (Geffen)
  9. Synthesizer Parts by Fred Thomas on Turn it Down (Corleone Records)
  10. Rich Wife by The Long Winters on Putting the Days to Bed (Barsuk)
  11. Old Hat by Harvey Danger on Where Have all the Merrymakers Gone? (Arena Rock)
  12. Samo Sound Boy by Baby Don't Stop (Bodyhigh)
  13. Runnin by Kelis on Food (Ninja Tune)
  14. Motions by How 'Bout Now on Motions (Motions)
  15. Crisis by Jam City on Crisis (Jam City)
  16. Fresh Blood by Eels on Hombre Lobo (Vagrant)