B-Side Dreams 181 - Unsettling


  1. Sleepwalk Guitars by Pan-American on A Son (kranky 2019)
  2. Unsettling by Jenny Hoyston on Hold On, Loosely (Visit http://hoyston.bandcamp.com)
  3. New Reality by Patio on Essentials (Fire Talk 2019)
  4. I'm a Leaker by The Gonks on Five Things You Didn't Know about the Gonks (Rocks in Your Head)
  5. Porch Tune by Eggs On Mars on It Will Be Like it Was (Jigsaw 2019)
  6. Bleachers by Emily Yacina on Remember The Silver (Independent 2019)
  7. Supergiant by Family Video on Forever Changes Overnight (Visit http://lostsoundtapes.bandcamp.com)
  8. Stillness in the Air by Big Search on Slow Fascination (30th Century Records)
  9. Out to Sea by Caramel (Self 2019)
  10. Gleaming Spires by Ducks Unlimited on Get Bleak EP (https://ducksunlimitedband.bandcamp.com/)
  11. T-Shirt by The Moore Brothers (featuring Anna Hillburg) on Winters (Unavailable 2018)
  12. Culebra by Husbands (Self 2019)
  13. Roller Rink by Caroline Lazar (Reading Past Bedtime 2019)
  14. Here Comes The Snow by Spencer Radcliffe on Hot Spring (Run For Cover)
  15. Is That the One by JW Francis (Self 2019)