sadderday, #126


  1. Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault by Jawbreaker on Dear You (DGC)
  2. Get Burned by Planes Mistaken for Stars on Fuck With Fire (No Idea)
  3. A Different Kind Of Pretty by Under a Dying Sun on Supernova (Substandard)
  4. Something About a Broken Heart by Cerce on Discography 2011 - 2013 (Self Released)
  5. People to Impress by Rocky Votolato on Rocky Votolato (Status)
  6. No More Bad Days by This Wild Life on Clouded (Epitaph)
  7. the saga continues by adult mom on I Tried To Runaway When I Was 6 (Blast Reality)
  8. Other Stars by Strictly Ballroom on Strictly Ballroom (Chou Chou)
  9. Here With You by Time Spent Driving on Walls Between Us (Unfun)
  10. New Year by Counterfit on Demo 1999 (Self Released)
  11. Return by Compound Red on Always a Pleasure (DeSoto)
  12. Ice Heavy Branches by The Appleseed Cast on Two Conversations (Deep Elm)
  13. un mensaje by insignificant other on i'm so glad i feel this way about you! (self released)
  14. Joy by The Sky Corvair on Unsafe at Any Speed (Actionboy 3000)
  15. Chiriacho Summit by The Sound of Animals Fighting on Lover, the Lord Has Left Us... (Epitaph)
  16. This Time Is the Last Time (Wave remix) by Mae on Destination: B-Sides (Tooth & Nail)
  17. Marie by The Closer I Get on Once Like a Spark (Self Released)
  18. Careful Now (acoustic version) by Copeland on Dressed Up & In Line (The Militia Group)
  19. テレキネシス by Tricot on バキューンep (Bakuretsu)
  20. Sleeping Sicarii by Being as an Ocean on Being as an Ocean (InVogue)
  21. You Gotta Love the Lights by Antioch Arrow on Gems of Masochism (Amalgamated)
  22. Meltdown by Reason To Believe on Reason To Believe Demo 1987 (Self Released)
  23. None Like Me by Long Distance Runner on No Value (Self Released)
  24. Verdadero Por Accidente by Joliette on Atáxico (Self Released)
  25. Coffins Like Ours by The Saddest Landscape on Exit Wounded (Topshelf)
  26. Sleep Therapy by Nothing Gold on Suffering in My Sleep (Self Released)
  27. They Built A City Of Radish Dust by The End Of The Century Party on Discography 1993-1999 (Coaxt)
  28. Number One Son by Three Penny Opera on Three Penny Opera (Troubleman)
  29. No Surprise by Fugazi on End Hits (Dischord)
  30. Staring Contest by Animal Flag on Everything Will Be Okay (Self Released)
  31. Oblivion by David Bazan on Volume 2 / Number 1 / January 2015 (Self Released)