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12/15 Zelma Stone at Rickshaw
12/15 Destroy Boys Slim's
12/19 Mint at Bottom of the Hill
12/20 Mint at a house party in the sunset
12/20 Moondrops at a house party in the sunset
12/20 Pure hex house party in the sunset


  1. Cruisin To The Park by Durand Jones & The Indications (Dead Oceans)
  2. Back Pocket (Live at Madison Square Garden) by Vulfpeck on Live at Madison Square Garden (Vulf Records)
  3. Get Lost by Studio_Dad Lando Chill on Text Me Records - Group Chat Vol 2 (Text Me Records)
  4. Seen My Aura by Helado Negro on This Is How You Smile (RVNG Intl.)
  5. Throwing Darts by Mint on Mentha (Slang Church)
  6. God Only Knows by JR JR on Horse Power EP (Warner Records)
  7. Semi Social by The Moondrops on Semi Social EP (765419 Records DK)
  8. Gotta Get Away by Vista Kicks on Booty Shakers Ball (Little Hook Records)
  9. Changes by No Vacation on Phasing (Top Shelf)
  10. Posthumous Forgiveness by Tame Impala on The Slow Rush (Modular)
  11. Sweet by Chris Mendoza on Crazy Lisa (1601937 Records DK)
  12. Go With It by Nari (Self Release)
  13. Dreamin' by Lofi Legs on Lamb (Paris cox-farr)
  14. I Don't Know You by The Marias on I Don't Know You (Superclean Records)
  15. To Timochi by High Sunn (1093541 Records DK)
  16. Internet Tears by Weaves on Internet Teras (Tangly)
  17. Slow by Baseball Gregg (Self Release)
  18. Habits by Lunar Hand (Desert Coast Records)
  19. Guilty As Everyone by Down and Outlaws on Gas Money (Self Release)
  20. Tune In by Spendtime Palace (Park The Van)
  21. I Threw Glass At My Friend's Face by Destroy Boys on Sorry, Mom (Uncool Records)
  22. Phantoms by Mrs. Magician on Bermuda (Swami Records)
  23. 123floor by The Cause (Self Release)
  24. Did My Best by The Voidz (RCA)
  25. Private Tantrum III feat the Cautious by New Fossils on Negative Thinking (Self Release)
  26. Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T.) by Princess Nokia (Self Released)
  27. Heavy Moon by Pure Hex on Pure Hex (Honeydew Records)
  28. In Park by Gestures and Sounds (Self Release)
  29. Violet by Daydream on Melt Into You (Self Release)
  30. Don't Take The Money by Bleachers on Gone Now (RCA Records)
  31. Menthol by Glavin (1057223 Records DK)
  32. You Don't Have To Change by Kool & The Gang on Light of World (D-Lite)