The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #184 (Christmas Editioooooon)

Xmas edition!

Starting with a Christmas themed song, we get into some serious Algorithmic Art Assembly news and related tracks!

Featuring Richard Devine, Myriam Bleau, Loraine James, Lee Gamble, Mark Fell, Curtis Roads, and way more!


  1. Rudolf The White Nose Reindeer by Roy of The Ravers on Charity Waxmas EP (Visit
  2. k-0 by Richard Devine on Sort\Lave (Visit
  3. Shapes by Myriam Bleau on Lumens & Profits (Visit
  4. Mutiny by Itzel on Basalt (Visit
  5. Lost My Train Of Thought by Loraine James on Button Mashing
  6. Shards by Lee Gamble on Exhaust (Hyperdub)
  7. Vvv by 30506 on Forma. 1.02 (Progressive Form)
  8. I Like To Remember Things My Own Way (live at Algorithmic Art Assembly) by TVO on I Like To Remember Things My Own Way (Broken20)
  9. Walking Off by Spatial on A music of sound systems (Visit
  10. Sendings by Calum Gunn on Monocosm (
  11. Pictor alpha (2003) by Curtis Roads on Point Line Cloud (Presto!?)
  12. acc by exael on limerence (Visit
  13. Gamma by CNDSD & Turning Torso on Acropolis (Visit
  14. BesB by Peter Seligman on Dropup (Visit
  15. nomad varicircles by farmersmanual on does not compute still (Visit
  16. Multistability 6-B by Mark Fell on multistability
  17. APT. 3B by N.Y. House’n Authority on APT. (Visit
  18. Run Like Hell by Maxine & Cleo on TIME002 (Visit
  19. Mystic Side Dept. by Pontiac Streator on TIME002 (Visit
  20. RJ Project (Feat. Kroko) by Solotape on M-path (Visit
  21. Sorcery by Unknown Mobile on Mobile Sorcery (Visit
  22. Braille by Itsu on Typography (Visit