transfiguration #121 when a dog smiles at you mix (tina burner)


  1. Relax'em Up by Disrupt on The Recreation Room
  2. Vortex Pt by Jack Propane on Cool Canyon
  3. Laika by Mallard on "Balancing"
  4. Boketto by Lone on Not Seeing Is a Flower
  5. Marzipan Rhombus (Birthday Edit) by Brainwaltzera on Marzipan
  6. Forest Pulse (feat. Photay & Laraaji) by Carlos Niño & Friends on Bliss On Dear Oneness
  7. Friends and Ennemies by DJ Cam on Substances
  8. Bored of Canada by Ex-Terrestrial on Gamma Infolded
  9. Cupidwing by Clams Casino on Moon Trip Radio
  10. Saccades by Lee Gamble on Exhaust
  11. Midnight In a Perfect World by DJ Shadow on Endtroducing...
  12. Remembering by Ex-Terrestrial on Euphorbia
  13. Persuasion System (Anastasia Kristensen Ambient Rework) by Com Truise on Persuasion System (Anastasia Kristensen Remixes)
  14. Low Ambient (Inherit the World Remix) by Silkwormagic on Remix EP
  15. Bubble by Cuboid Kiss on Place : The Netherlands
  16. Blunt End of the Heel by THUGWIDOW on Hard Rave Aesthetic
  17. Eternal Oblivion (My Girl Loves Breaks) by A.dixen on Death Tapes, Vol. 2
  18. How Can You Tell by Lone on Abraxas
  19. Ecstatic Beat by Octo Octa on Resonant Body
  20. Life Signs (Roll Mix) by Pépe on Life Signs
  21. Window Open by See Other on Moving Towards Wonder
  22. What Lies Within by Carlton Doom on Ard
  23. Supernature by Escape Artist on Supernature
  24. Sapa Inca Delirium by The Cyclist