TUFF SIGNALS 239: 2019 Songs!

This prerecord is a rundown of some of the things we played the most on Tuff Signals during 2019! Happy New Year!


  1. Burning in Paradise by The Tough Shits on Burning in Paradise (Burger Records)
  2. Je Ne Me Connais Pas by Mattiel on Je Ne Me Connais Pas (Heavenly)
  3. Primrose Diner by Saba Lou on Novum Ovum (Ernest Jenning Records)
  4. Decoration/Currency by Girl Friday on Fashion Conman (Hardly Art Records)
  5. LPs by Jeffrey Lewis on LPs (Self Released)
  6. Little Pamplemousse by Tijuana Panthers on Carpet Denim (Innovative Leisure)
  7. Girlfriend by Pink Mexico on DUMP (Burger Records)
  8. Happy by UV TV on Happy (Deranged Records)
  9. Pigs in The Pit by Gee Tee on Chromo-Zone (Self Released)
  10. The Seduction of Kansas by PRIESTS on The Seduction of Kansas (Sister Polygon Records)
  11. The Kiss by Double Grave on Ego Death Forever (Forged Artifacts)
  12. Teenage Waistline by Positive No on Teenage Waistline (Self Released)
  13. Steady Hands by Natural Monuments on Own a Sword (Self Released)
  14. You Lift Me Up by Deadbeat Beat on How Far (Crystal Palace +)
  15. Sit Still by Strangepride on We'll Take It From Here (Self Released)
  16. Sugar by Juliana Hatfield on Weird (American Laundromat)
  17. G by Bars of Gold on Shelters (Equal Vision Records)
  18. Hologram by Tacocat on This Mess Is a Place (Sub Pop)
  19. Awful Need by FEELS on Post-Earth (Wichita)
  20. Not What You Need by Leggy on Let Me Know Your Moon (Sheer Luck Records)
  21. Control by Amyl and The Sniffers on Amyl and The Sniffers (ATO)
  22. Green Eyes by THICK on THICK EP (Epitaph)
  23. F the NRA by The Coathangers on The Devil You Know (Suicide Squeeze)
  24. Patience by Mannequin Pussy on Patience (Epitaph Records)
  25. No Playtime by Necking on Cut Your Teeth (Mint Records)
  26. Rainbow Shiner by Ex Hex on It's Real (Merge Records)
  27. Distant Peaks by Church Girls on Cycles (Chatterbot Records)
  28. A Storm Is Coming by Arre! Arre! on Tell Me All About Them (PNKSLM)
  29. Radical by Virvon Varvon on Mind Cancer (Girlsville)
  30. Someday by Flesh Lights on Never See Snow (Austin Town Hall Records)
  31. Your Kind by Woolen Men on Human to Human (See My Friends Records)
  32. Fell Flat by Paint Thinner on Sea of Pulp (OBLEK)
  33. Bag It Up by Eroders on Eroders (Outer Limits Lounge Recording)
  34. Woman Alone by NOTS on 3 (Goner Records)
  35. 2027 by Exbat on E is for Exbats (Burger Records)