1. Water Broken (The Opening of the Stargate) by Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program on Stargate Music (Leaving Records)
  2. Recuerdos by cocaine bae. on Tributo a DJ Rashad (Juke MX)
  3. Lighter (Bladerunner 2012 Remix) by Dj SS (formation records ltd)
  4. El Barrio by viewer on Tributo a DJ Rashad (juke mx)
  5. I'll Just Cut Myself Open by Thugwidow on Automatic Rhythm (Circadian Rhythms)
  6. SNAX by G Panic on Imminent EP (Ten Toes Turbo))
  7. Free by Touchy Subject on Rua Sound 004 (Rua Sound))
  8. all night by peshay (infrared records))
  9. Oshun by Sonido Berserk (self released)
  10. Static _ Input by Ghetto Mezikanz (self released)
  11. The Bottle (gil scott-heron & brian jackson edit) ( - by S. B. & DSS on Afrika Jungle Them (Dub Soul System))
  12. Tense by Regal 86 on Aeronenma Drip (Aeronenma)
  13. Akira by Manuel Printzen x Spacetrilla (Juke MX)
  14. Attack by L U C Y on Project Ghost (SZNS7N)
  15. Good Morning by Joyce Wrice (DJ AMWF) (self released)
  16. move on by eric uh on traxmex vol. 4 (juke mx)
  17. JittingOver by DJ Karawai on Worldwide Juke (Urban/StGhetto))
  18. Heart Breakk by DJ Earl on I Don’t Know EP (ghettoteknitianz)
  19. Sporks by dgoHn on APHA020 (Astrophonica)
  20. Say My Name by Deejay Yb (Gutta Sounds)
  21. Tambores by Cybereality on Selected Juke Workz Vol. 1 - (Aeronenma)
  22. Hardwerk by Cybereality & Sonido Berzerk (Juke MX)
  23. new romantic by coco bryce (Myor Massiv)
  24. Choices by DJ Lil Generous on 57 Trax 007 (Ashes 57)
  25. Carpet Burn by Please X Engine (self released))
  26. claustro (please VIP) by burial (self released)
  27. Blue by Sully on Blue (Keysound)
  28. Been Waiting For You - by EQ Why (self released)
  29. LD High by 2Tall (Gutta Sounds)
  30. 1OO1O x QVO by Ivar Joint (Juke MX)
  31. Still Ghost by Sonido Berzerk on Tributo a DJ Rashad (juke mx)
  32. Bring it Back by Sirr Tmo Sama on TeklifeVIP2020 (Teklife)
  33. Get UP by DJ Rolow (self released)
  34. Make it Work by Heavee on TeklifeVIP2020 (Teklife)
  35. Night Of The Living Jukeheads by Gant-Man on TeklifeVIP2020 (Teklife)
  36. Flower Scum Fuck by BORG (unreleased)
  37. Marginal Booty Clap by Color Plus on Pure Energy (Towhead Recordings)