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  1. Water Broken (The Opening of the Stargate) by Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program on Stargate Music (Leaving Records) $ Buy
  2. Recuerdos by cocaine bae. on Tributo a DJ Rashad (Juke MX) $ Buy
  3. Lighter (Bladerunner 2012 Remix) by Dj SS on single (formation records ltd) $ Buy
  4. El Barrio by viewer on Tributo a DJ Rashad (juke mx) $ Buy
  5. I'll Just Cut Myself Open by Thugwidow on Automatic Rhythm (Circadian Rhythms) $ Buy
  6. SNAX by G Panic on Imminent EP (Ten Toes Turbo)) $ Buy
  7. Free by Touchy Subject on Rua Sound 004 (Rua Sound)) $ Buy
  8. all night by peshay on single ( infrared records)) $ Buy
  9. Oshun by Sonido Berserk on single (self released) $ Buy
  10. Static _ Input by Ghetto Mezikanz on single ( self released) $ Buy
  11. The Bottle (gil scott-heron & brian jackson edit) ( - by S. B. & DSS on Afrika Jungle Them ( Dub Soul System)) $ Buy
  12. Tense by Regal 86 on Aeronenma Drip (Aeronenma) $ Buy
  13. Akira by Manuel Printzen x Spacetrilla on single (Juke MX) $ Buy
  14. Attack by L U C Y on Project Ghost (SZNS7N) $ Buy
  15. Good Morning by Joyce Wrice (DJ AMWF) on single (self released) $ Buy
  16. move on by eric uh on traxmex vol. 4 (juke mx) $ Buy
  17. JittingOver by DJ Karawai on Worldwide Juke (Urban/StGhetto)) $ Buy
  18. Heart Breakk by DJ Earl on I Don’t Know EP (ghettoteknitianz) $ Buy
  19. Sporks by dgoHn on APHA020 (Astrophonica) $ Buy
  20. Say My Name by Deejay Yb on single ( Gutta Sounds) $ Buy
  21. Tambores by Cybereality on Selected Juke Workz Vol. 1 - (Aeronenma) $ Buy
  22. Hardwerk by Cybereality & Sonido Berzerk on Single (Juke MX) $ Buy
  23. new romantic by coco bryce on single (Myor Massiv) $ Buy
  24. Choices by DJ Lil Generous on 57 Trax 007 ( Ashes 57) $ Buy
  25. Carpet Burn by Please X Engine on single ( self released)) $ Buy
  26. claustro (please VIP) by burial on single (self released) $ Buy
  27. Blue by Sully on Blue (Keysound) $ Buy
  28. Been Waiting For You - by EQ Why on single (self released) $ Buy
  29. LD High by 2Tall on single (Gutta Sounds) $ Buy
  30. 1OO1O x QVO by Ivar Joint on single (Juke MX) $ Buy
  31. Still Ghost by Sonido Berzerk on Tributo a DJ Rashad ( juke mx) $ Buy
  32. Bring it Back by Sirr Tmo Sama on TeklifeVIP2020 ( Teklife) $ Buy
  33. Get UP by DJ Rolow on single (self released) $ Buy
  34. Make it Work by Heavee on TeklifeVIP2020 ( Teklife) $ Buy
  35. Night Of The Living Jukeheads by Gant-Man on TeklifeVIP2020 (Teklife) $ Buy
  36. Flower Scum Fuck by BORG on single (unreleased) $ Buy
  37. Marginal Booty Clap by Color Plus on Pure Energy (Towhead Recordings) $ Buy