Episode 76: Denley Hosts

AjGod, Honey Gold Jasmine, Amai, Anml Plnt, Bdot, Benjamin Earl Turner, Blvck Achilles, Keese Sama, Brant Jackson, burnet207, Casey Cope, Coldwaterchris, Crested, Demahjiae, Dervish, Khemmeta, Cheeto, WiG, Dregs One, Future James, Ben Since, GQ, Zenan, Sndtrak, Harbour, I.VII.I.IX, Ian McKee, Will Fraker, Caleborate, Mani Draper, Turk, Jumbled, MEGABUSIVE, Mr. Yote, nikø, Nmesh, Ovrkast., Paavo, Chef Mike, Rickey Taylor, Rudy Kalma, Savage Mind, Seanote, Shy'an G, Spexxx, Squiebe, The Zap Tap, Turk, W.A.L.A., WADE08


  1. Light Blue by Coldwaterchris (room temp records)
  2. Party on (feat. Luke Sick) by Jumbled on August Heat (Self-Released)
  3. Hideaway by Blvck Achilles, Keese Sama (Wally Bo Records)
  4. For Avin (prod by Ovrkast) by Demahjiae on (Soundcloud)
  5. No Words (feat. Will Fraker, Caleborate, Mani Draper, Turk) by Ian McKee on Anima (PAC Sound Productions)
  6. Wanna Be by Future James, Ben Since (Move Set Records)
  7. 2 Minute Bars (feat. Mavi) by Ovrkast. on Try Again (do more.)
  8. Hit the Bottom by Paavo, Chef Mike on No Toys (Self-Released)
  9. Space Cadet (feat. Ill Chill) by Seanote on Second Chances (Small Print Recordings)
  10. MacArthur by GQ, Zenan, Sndtrak on E 14th: The Town Mix Instrumentals (One Day Soon)
  11. Smile by Turk (Self-Released)
  12. These Days by Casey Cope (LMH RECORDS)
  13. 4:59 in Berkeley (Interlude) [Instrumental] {feat. Marco Del Rio} by Rickey Taylor on Identity (Rickey Taylor Productions)
  14. Chasing Spirits by Brant Jackson (237 Label)
  15. Crocodile Cartridges by Mr. Yote (MooMoo Records)
  16. Blips and Bogies by MEGABUSIVE on Blips and Bogies (Beat Tape) (Self-Released)
  17. Black by Dregs One on Ten Thousand Hours (Audio Vandals)
  18. Stick N Move by Rudy Kalma (Self-Released)
  19. Rock We Do (feat. Kayer) by Spexxx on Rock We Do (feat. Kayer) (Audio Vile Recordings)
  20. Mall Full of Drugs (Odd Nosdam Mall Drugger) by Nmesh on Drug Full of Remixes (Self-Released)
  21. Bar4Bar by WADE08 (Text Me Records)
  22. Funk Child (feat. Zaldy Tubig) by Savage Mind on 1995 (Soul Vision Records)
  23. Right Now by AjGod, Honey Gold Jasmine (DMTA)
  24. Don't Lose Focus by Shy'an G (STP)
  25. OLD CHEVRE (Demo) [Prod. by RU AREYOU] by The Zap Tap
  26. Attention (feat. Darrell Medellin, Zaldy Water, Terrxnce Jordxn) by nikø (Self-Released)
  27. FREE.99 by Benjamin Earl Turner on Bad Nature (Los Banditos)
  28. Pound by Anml Plnt on The Box (RUIN YOUR DAY)
  29. Untitled by Squiebe on Opal Heights Sample Beats
  30. Untitled by Megabusive on Opal Heights Sample Beats (Self-Released)
  31. Opal by Bdot on Opal Heights Sample Beats (Self-Released)
  32. Mineraloid by I.VII.I.IX on Opal Heights Sample Beats (Self-Released)
  33. Fadeaway by Crested on Opal Heights Sample Beats (Self-Released)
  34. Untitled by Amai on Opal Heights Sample Beats (Self-Released)
  35. The Beginning Place by Harbour on Opal Heights Sample Beats (Self-Released)
  36. untitled (Roche's Blunt Trauma Remix) by burnet207 on burnet207 - Untitled (AGIYNI001) (AGIYNI)
  37. Untitled NYE (Demo) [Produced by Khemmeta, Denley, onesevenonenine, JAYEM, Born Historian, Dervish] by Dervish, Khemmeta, Cheeto, WiG on Unreleased (Self-Released)
  38. Chain Link by Crested on Crested (Cartography)
  39. One for Ateh by W.A.L.A. (Hot Record Societé)