The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #189

Special hypeman edition! Covering all the upcoming shows - got some RM Francis in preparation for next week's gig, and got an awesome special guest mix from Peter Seligman / Trash Panda QC, who will be appearing at Algorithmic Art Assembly 2020 in March!

Playlist for Trash Panda QC mix is:

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Apes Ma
ZZ Pot - ZZZiggurat Track 11
Diptera - Children's Story
Mark Fell - Sections 1-7
Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Yangissa
Tedious Limbs - Le Knight Coot
Sukitoa o Namau - Good Boy
Quijot - Enamel
Mouse on Mars - They Know Your Name
Rhythm & Sound - Roll Off
Jlin - Nyakinyua Rise
The Modern Institute - 200 edit
SDEM - Flargunnsto
Nancy Drone - Slide Tanogram


  1. BACK UP YOUR HARD DRIVE by Kush Jones on Strictly 4 MY CDJZ 6 (Visit
  2. Seven-Week Wave Parade by RM Francis on Recycled Sleep (Visit
  3. mix for highpoint lowlife by Trash Panda QC
  4. Kella by RAIME on Planted
  5. Offs by ignatius on Tethered EP (Visit
  6. Myclium one by Vou on PFM Vol. 1 (Visit
  7. RUSTY COINS (Bonus Track - Bandcamp Only) by FTP UP on Stillicone Night Shift (Visit
  8. Prospection by William-Fields on Imperfekt (Visit
  9. Sensorium Massage by William Fields on Shackamaxon (Conditional)
  10. Wookie Flex - Kindohm Remix by William Fields on Shackamaxon (Conditional)
  11. Algorithmic Art Assembly by TVO on Algorithmic Art Assembly (Highpoint Lowlife)
  12. Algorithmic Art Assembly live set by Kit Clayton on Algorithmic Art Assembly (Highpoint Lowlife)