Alley Cat en Cuba (Episode 27)


  1. Keep Falling In Love by Kevin Krauter (-)
  2. The Way You Used To Love ME by Diamond Cafe (-)
  3. Real Love Baby by Father John Misty on single (sub pop records)
  4. What Is Love? Tell Me Is It Easy by Hala (-)
  5. Loving by Land Of Talk (-)
  6. Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love by Dent May (carpark records)
  7. You Say I'm in Love by Banes World on You Say I'm in Love (n/a)
  8. You Love Me In My Dreams by Ariel Days (-)
  9. Hate That I Love You by Emmett Kai on Baby Hits! (-)
  10. Disposable Love by Jye (-)
  11. My Love by Maye (-)
  12. Little Love by Maddie Jay (-)
  13. Love Again by Meltt (-)
  14. To Feel In Love by Big Search (-)
  15. We Feel In Love In October by Girl In Red (-)