1. BLQLYTE by Zeroh on BLQLYTE (Leaving Rec)
  2. RING THE ALARM (ADIPOP EDIT) by QUEEN B (self released))
  3. La Fuerza del Destino (Rayko Spanish Disco Dub Edit) - Rayko (- by Mecano (self released))
  4. breakyaneck by Jwords (self released))
  5. Sin Senal - Jwords (single - Never Normal Records) by . on .
  6. Lenzman - Paper Faces (feat. Martyna Baker) (Ivy Lab Remix) (Looking At The Stars Remix EP - Metalhead) by . on .
  7. Clart - Itoa Remix ( by Yoofee on Visualize EP - (Through These Eyes))
  8. Voodoo (ft. Jason Wool) by Hapa on Memory Screen (Courteous Family)
  9. sneakkkypricks by woolymammoth (self released)
  10. Brand New Feelin’ by Sideswipe (self released))
  11. OH by Christoph El Truento on LWMP18 (Cosmic Compositions)
  12. Clothes She Wears (Vibrations) ( by Bell Curve (self released)
  13. You Look Good!!! by DJ Orange Julius on Pleasure (Mall Music)
  14. number one by Vinil MOTION (Usuario Aleatoric)
  15. Del Desierto by Trax BT on T3 Traxx Vol. 2 (Ten Toes Turbo)
  16. Do That Shit by TEXT CHUNK & HOOD JOPLIN on bank Account (Moveltraxx))
  17. Inside by Sun People on JDubz Volume 6 (Juke Bounce Werk)
  18. Ghetto Jam by Sonido Berzerk & HAI フカ (Juke MX)
  19. Vibe Off (feat DJ Spinn) by Philip D Kick (Astrophonica)
  20. A Groove by Om Unit on Submerged EP (self released)
  21. Can’t U See by MVNG X Cyberreality (Juke MX)
  22. Vuélvete Loco by Ma Fuego on T3 Traxx Vol. 2 (Ten Toes Turbo)
  23. Loony by Deejay Compton (self released)
  24. U R The One by Kush Jones on T3 Traxx Vol. 2 (Ten Toes Turbo)
  25. Skifter Farver (Malou Mørkeberg Remix) ( by F L E M M I N G on T3 Traxx Vol. 2 (Ten Toes Turbo)
  26. Down Town by DJ Rolow (self released)
  27. 2020 Chop by DJ Earl (Juke Bounce Werk)
  28. Energize by BSN posse X Sideswipe (Modern Ruin Records)
  29. Flower Beat by Pete RW (Mooves Remix) on Flower Beat EP (Samsara Beats)
  30. This Against That (feat. Viperous) by A-0 on Worst Behavior Vol. 1 - (Worst Behavior)
  31. Sweet Sensation by Stayhigh on Y’All Already Know (self released)
  32. Sigrah by POWA (self released))
  33. Stay Lit by P-80 (Never Slept)
  34. Double M by A. Fruit & BSN Posse on Juke World Order Vol. 2 (Juke Underground)
  35. Mass Appeal by HomeSick on Rogue Style EP (Defrostatica Records Leipzig)
  36. Time's A Wastein by DJ 2tall (self released)
  37. Lotus by Jlin (self released)
  38. Hello Darkness by Bay B Kane on The Guardian of Ruff (Ruff Guidance Records)
  39. True Romance Edit by Slick Shoota (self released)
  40. Post Mortem Exam [Never Decay] ( by Nova Cheq on Never Decay Vol. 1 (They Ra)
  41. Bucky - Loved Someone (hidden jayeem remix) by Krampfhaft (Mainline)
  42. Deep Six by Alix Perez on Last Rites EP (1985 Music)