Around the World #004

Hi friends,
Welcome to another week of Around the World on Open format show this week so we got two hours of international music. We play brand new music by Kit Sebastian, The Heliocentrics, Monophonics, Edgar Fernandez, Penya and more.

Hope you enjoy these two hours of tunes!

- Dr. Winsotn O'Boogie


  1. Souvent longtemps énormément by Diane Tell on Autour de Montréal (Tuta Music)
  2. Neuilly by Clea Vincent on Tropi-cléa (Midnight Special Records)
  3. Ton Meilleur Amu by Françoise Hardy on Françoise Hardy (Marmot Music)
  4. Tú Si Sabes Quererme by Natalia Lafourcade, Los Macorinos on Musas (Un Homenaje al Folclore Latinoamericano en Manos de Los Macorinos Vol. 1) (Sony Music México)
  5. Drink Until It's Right by Forkroot on Water & Shade
  6. Salida by Miramar on Salida / Urgencia (Daptone Records)
  7. Corazón de Roca by Chicano Batman, Caloncho on Háblame / Corazoón de Roca (ATO Records)
  8. Fantasia by Sávila on Sávila
  9. Kavir-e Del by Marjan on Pomegranates (Finders Keepers Records)
  10. Kit Sebastian Vs Halal Cool J by Kit Sebastian, Halal Cool J on Kit Sebastian Remix (Mr Bongo)
  11. Burning Wooden Ship by The Heliocentrics on Infinity Of Now (Now-Again Records)
  12. Fight Fire With Fire Dub by The Lay Llamas, Mark Stewart on Thuban Dub EP Vol. 1 (Rocket Recordings)
  13. Treading Water by Birdy Bardot on Birdy Bardot (The Redwoods)
  14. Los Canarios by Rudy de Anda (Karma Chief)
  15. It's Not That Easy by Kelly Finnigan on It's Not That Easy (Colemine Records)
  16. Medicine Woman by Robert Finley on Goin' Platinum! (Easy Eye Sound)
  17. It's Only Us by Monophonics (Colemine)
  18. Groovy Flute by Manu Dibango on African Woodoo (Soul Makossa)
  19. Al Harka by Golden Hands on Golden Hands (Sdban)
  20. Skatin' by Deodato on Night Cruiser (Warner Records)
  21. Mystery Planet by Edgar Fernandez on New Rollers (Ultrasonic Teenager)
  22. Funky Splash by L'eclair on Cruise Control (Rock This Town)
  23. Heyyeh by Penya, Msafiri Zawose on Penya Safari EP (On the Corner)
  24. Votre coté yéyé m'emmerde by The Limiñanas on Costa Blanca (Taraneh Enterprises)
  25. Flowers by Habibi on Anywhere But Here (muddguts)
  26. What Happens When You Turn the Devil Down by The Mystery Lights on The Mystery Lights (Wick Records)
  27. Woods to Conjure by Hexvessel on No Holier Temple (Secret Trees)
  28. Traveller's Lament by Old Man Wizard on Unfavorable
  29. Mali Senekelaw by Orchestra Gold on I
  30. That Much Closer to Nothing by Here Lies Man on You Will Know Nothing (Riding Easy Records)
  31. Sharpie Smile by Kamikaze Palm Tree on Good Boy (muddguts)