| Ambient japanese downtempo + general downtempo and mellow electronic / "float house"

Probably my most cohesive episode ever - playlist here.

For the record I find the lyrics of Short Short Man offensive as well but the musicality and humor as >


  1. Time After Time by Hiroshi Yoshimura on Soundscape 1: Surround (Misawa Home)
  2. AR by Satoshi & Makoto on CZ-5000 Sounds & Sequences (Safe Trip)
  3. Frog Factions by Khotin on New Tab (Pacific Rythm)
  4. Copperfield by Technicolor on Normal Control Range: Bliss Out v.16 (Darla Records)
  5. Manaka - Lord of the Isles Remix by Hammer, Lord of the Isles on Canna Remixes EP (LOFT Records)
  6. H.r. Boss by Lauer on H.r. Boss / Banned (Live at Robert Johnson)
  7. Frenquency FM by Midland on The Alchemy of Circumstance (Graded)
  8. Got To Keep On - Midland Remix by The Chemical Brothers on Got To Keep On (Midland Remix) (Universal/Virgin)
  9. Windy Lady - Turbotito Remix by Daniel T., Eiko Hara, Turbotito (Tito Records)
  10. Mama's Kick by All In One on Dutch House Anthems (Part One) (Armada Music B.V.)
  11. Short Short Man by Gilette on On the Attack (Sony)