sadderday, #134


  1. ppl plzr by illuminati hotties on ppl plzr (self released)
  2. I Go Out at Night by Ratboys on Printer's Devil (Top Shelf)
  3. I'm Not Depressed by Short Fictions on Light Ascending Out of Gloom: a Collection of Short Fictions and Poetry (Self Released)
  4. Hollowed-Out by Camber on Beautiful Charade (Deep Elm)
  5. Better Than Crying by Farside on The Monroe Doctrine (Revelation)
  6. The City Is Calling by Rocky Votolato on Suicide Medicine (Suicide Squeeze)
  7. Just One Thing by Wicca Phase Springs Eternal on Suffer On (Run FOr COver)
  8. The City's Our Song by Harmony Woods on Make Yourself at Home (Self Released)
  9. Don't Make Me Walk My Own Log by The Van Pelt on Sultans of Sentiment (Gern Blandstein)
  10. Pave America by Rain Like the Sound of Trains on Rain Like the Sound of Trains (Dischord)
  11. Say Less by Origami Angel on Somewhere City (Chatterbot)
  12. The Passing Of 34 Days by Studying on Carved Our Names In Snow/Studying (Elicksir)
  13. On Cutting by Karate on In Place of Real Insight (Southern)
  14. Something I Should Do by Nada Surf on Never Not Together (Barsuk)
  15. Garden Song by Phoebe Bridgers on Garden Song (Dead Oceans)
  16. Every Pleasantry That Fits by Races to April on The Syntax in Everything (Rosewater)
  17. Root Beer & Running Shoes by Hour Of The Star on Hour Of The Star (track Star)
  18. Stateside by Hot Rod Circuit on The Underground Is A Dying Breed (Immortal)
  19. Cut My Losses by Heart Attack Man on Fake Blood (Triple Crown)
  20. Red Letter Day by Inspection 12 on In Recovery (Honest Don's)
  21. Theres So Much To Say by In Loving Memory on A Discography (Init)
  22. Untitled 4 by I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism in Your Yearbook on I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism in Your Yearbook (Discos Huelga)
  23. Diamondback by RAYLEIGH on Last Word (Zegema Beach)
  24. Sad Consolation by I Made You Myself on Graveyard Songs (Self Released)
  25. In Passing by Reservoir on I Heard You As I Walked Away (Self Released)
  26. alabama / henry by Home Is Where on alabama / henry (self released)
  27. Style No. 6312 by The White Octave on Style No. 6312 (deep elm)
  28. Paint's Peeling by Rilo Kiley on The Execution of All Things (saddle creek)
  29. It's Unsustainable by Chris Walla on Field Manual (Barsuk)