Tuff Signals


  1. Paranoiacs by Chemtrails on The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable (PNKSLM)
  2. Mirror by Rips on Mirror (Self Released)
  3. We Came Too Late by Hollow Ships on Future Remains (PNKSLM)
  4. Angle Eyes by Habibi on Anywhere But Here (Mudd Guts)
  5. I Go Out at Night by Ratboys on Printer's Devil (Topshelf Records)
  6. Fly by Zelma Stone on Dreamland (Self Released)
  7. Woman, Here by Ada Lea on Woman, Here (Saddle Creek)
  8. Animal by Katie Malco on Failures (6131 Records)
  9. Graveyard Girl by Teen Blush (Self Released)
  10. See A Light by Palehound on See A Light (Self Released)
  11. Take the Cell Phone by Terry on Take the Cell Phone (Sub Pop Records)
  12. Turning to String by No Age on Goons Be Gone (Drag City)
  13. (I Get My) Protein by Pledge Drive on Second Impressions (What's for Breakfast)
  14. Eleven First Magnitude Starts by Positive No on Kyanite (Self Released)
  15. 2K20 by Biznaga on Gran Pantalla (Slovenly Records)
  16. That Stuff's Illegal by Drag Sounds on IV (Self Released)
  17. The Bet by Cathedrale on Houses Are Build The Same (Self Released)
  18. Grave by Juniore on Un Deux Trois (Self Released)
  19. Bugs by Lie on You Want It Real (Mint Records)
  20. Paper by Cold Beat on Mother (DFA Records)
  21. Logging Off by Heirophants on Moving Parts (Anti-Fade)
  22. Second Try by The Memories on Pickles & Pies (Axis Mundi Records)
  23. Ultra Vires by Raspberry Bulbs on Before the Age of Mirrors (Relapse Records)
  24. My Frustration by Total Rejects on Total Rejects (Slovenly Records)
  25. I'm a Stranger to Me by The Monsters on I'm a Stranger to Me (Slovenly)
  26. Salmon Skies by Slander Tongue on Slander Tongue (Slovenly Records)
  27. Tell Them Where to Go by Cable Ties on Far Enough (Merge Records)
  28. Mind Cancer by Virvon Virvon on Mind Cancer (Girlsville)
  29. Rides Alone (Abschaum Reprise) by Vox Low on Relectures (remix) (Born Bad Records)
  30. Surrender Into Waiting Arms by Wares on Survival (Mint Records)
  31. Mindset by Zeeland on Vanilla EP (Spirit Goth Records)
  32. Crimson Telephone by The Coathangers on The Devil You Know (Suicide Squeeze)
  33. Battle Line by The Hum Hums on Battle Lines (Self Released)
  34. Bloodstream by Soccer Mommy on Color Theory (Loma Vista Recordings)