Casually Crying - Episode 110 - The Marías, Hinds, Carolyn Crawford, Dear Nora

hello! tune in this week to hear about peach pit's new album coming out in april, a new single from boy scouts, and i reveal which city in california is directly equidistant from LA and San Francisco!

feel free to send me an email at with any comments, questions, or requests. or reach out if you're interested in being a guest on casually crying. thanks 4 listening. :')


  1. I'm Hooked by The Marvelettes on Playboy (Motown)
  2. Fire Island by Blush on Blush (Arrowhawk)
  3. Break
  4. Black Licorice by Peach Pit on Black Licorice (Columbia Records)
  5. Hold It Together by The Marías on Hold It Together (The Marías)
  6. Colder & Closer by TOPS on Colder & Closer (Musique TOPS)
  7. Give Me Another Chance by Empress Of on Give Me Another Chance (Terrible Records)
  8. Wish by Boy Scouts on Wish (Anti)
  9. Come Back And Love Me <3 by Hinds on Come Back And Love Me <3 (Mom+Pop)
  10. Break
  11. Time Is Passing By by The Monitors on Greetings!... We're The Monitors (UMG Recordings)
  12. My World Is Crumbling by Brenda Holloway on A Cellarful of Motown! (Motown)
  13. I Want to Go Back There Again by Chris Clark on The Complete Introduction to Northern Soul (Universal)
  14. I'll Pick A Rose For My Rose by Marv Johnson on The Complete Motown Singles, Vol 6: 1966 (Motown)
  15. That Woman Will Give It A Try by Mable John on Stay Out of The Kitchen (Fantasy, Inc.)
  16. I'll Come Running by Carolyn Crawford on Motown Singles (Motown)
  17. Break
  18. Feel Something by Rat Tally on Feel Something (Addy Harris)
  19. Téléphone by ZOLA on Téléphone (KIDinaKORNER)
  20. Combat by Hazel English on Combat (Polyvinyl)
  21. Dissapear by The Moondrops on Dissapear (Honeydew Records)
  22. Hutch by Barrie on Happy to Be Here (Winspear)
  23. Song Number 1.5 by pronoun on Song Number 1.5 (Sleep Well Records)
  24. Break
  25. My Chinchilla by Cub on Betti Cola (Mint Records)
  26. To Fall Is Not to Fail by Dear Nora on Three States: Rarities (Dear Nora)
  27. Falling Out Of Love (With You) by The 6th's on Wasps Nests (London Records)
  28. Riot Grrrl by Daddy Issues on Fuck Marry Kill (Daddy Issues)
  29. Happiness Is A Warm Gun by The Breeders on Pod (4AD)
  30. Eau d’Bedroom Dancing by Le Tigre on Le Tigre (Mr. Lady Records)
  31. Break
  32. Woof Woof by ARTHUR on Woof Woof (PLZ Make It Ruins)
  33. Mantra by BOYO on Golden Days (B-Sides) (Dance Alone Recordings)
  34. Heads or Tails by Winona Forever on Feelgood (Winona Forever)
  35. No Water by True Blue on No Water (True Blue)
  36. Nowhere, Girl by Ruru on The Odds (Ruru)
  37. I Know How You Get by Mk.gee on Pronouced Mcgee (Orchard Ears)
  38. Break
  39. Stag by Goat Mumbles on Stag (Secret Gremlin)
  40. Ghost Dream by Blouse on Blouse (Captured Tracks)
  41. Anywayz by Austra on Anywayz (Domino Recording)
  42. Don't Fall In Love by Still Corners on Don't Fall In Love (The Great Pop Supplement)
  43. Evening Bell by Boosegumps on 5 Demos (Boosegumps)
  44. Break
  45. Coinstar by The Growlers on Natural Affair (Beach Goth Records)
  46. Young and Happy! by Hop Along on Get Disowned (Hot Green)