1. Abraham's Theme by Vangelis on Chariots of Fire Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Spheric B.V.)
  2. For a While by Frank Sinatra on Watertown (Reprise)
  3. Harvest Moon by Cassandra Wilson on New Moon Daughter (Blue Note)
  4. A Blind Step Away by John French, Fred Frith, Henry Kaiser & Richard Thompson on Live, Love, Larf, Loaf (Shanachie)
  5. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room by Abba on The Visitors (Polar Music International)
  6. Theme From Boat Weirdos by Joe Walsh on But Seriously Folks (Asylum)
  7. Nothing is As It Seems by Virginia Astley on Had I the Heavens (Nippon Columbia)
  8. Stealin'Time by Gerry Refferty on City to City (Parlophone Records)
  9. 3 x 2 = 6 by Vanity 6 on Vanity 6 (Warner Bros)
  10. The Longest Drink by Jules Shear on Watch Dog (EMI)
  11. A Heart Needs a Home by Richard and Linda Thompson on Hokey Pokey (Island)
  12. The Somnabulist by XTC on Black Sea (Virgin)
  13. Into The Night by Julee Cruise on Floating Into The Night (Warner Bros)
  14. Affirmation III by Prince on Art Official Age (NPG)
  15. Upstairs by a Chinese Lamp by Laura Nyro on Christmas and the Beads of Sweat (Sony)
  16. The Myth by Giorgio Moroder on Cat People Soundtrack (MCA)
  17. Oh Mother by Pillars of Silence on Pillars of Silence (Turn Up Records)
  18. Oh Father by Madonna on Like a Prayer (Sire)
  19. It's Only Love That Gets You Through by Sade on Lovers Rock (Sony BMG)
  20. North Point by Mike Oldfield on Islands (Virgin)
  21. We Belong Together by Rickie Lee Jones on Pirates (Warner Brothers)
  22. 2/2 by Brian Eno on Ambient 1: Music for Airports (Polydor)