The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ DJ Bit & DJ Savak (Seattle) 3/24/20


  1. Bose Lugen (Body Mix) by Riki on Hot City EP
  2. En La Cruz (Blind Delon Remix) by Wind Atlas on An Edible Body
  3. Der Unwise by NNHMN on Shadow in the Dark
  4. Psychic Sobriety by Foie Gras on Holy Hell
  5. Forms And Motion by Nosuchname on Abyss EP
  6. Dead Mans Party by Oingo Boingo on Dead Man's Party
  7. Small Minded World by Mystic Priestess on Mystic Priestess EP
  8. I Am The Virus by Killing Joke on Pylon
  9. Death Mask by Medusa Stare on Medusa Stare
  10. Pity Of The Self by Poesie Noire on We'll Teach You To Dance
  11. Army Of The Doomed by Funker Vogt on Code Of Conduct
  12. Greater Heights by SITD on Stunde X
  13. Faith by Physical Wash on Physical Death
  14. Sleep by Houses Of Heaven on Silent Places
  15. Last In The Club by Buzz Cull on Last In The Club
  16. Burn You by Wire Spine on Bury Me Here