1. nq6 by Leif on Quinze (Lapsus)
  2. too much beige by Micro Incubus on Micro Incubus (Self-released)
  3. Not Buoyant by Robin Stewart on Time Travel (The Trilogy Tapes)
  4. No Rise by TALsounds on Acquiesce (NNA Tapes)
  5. door by uon on i'm broke (Self-released)
  6. Sayonara by Kate NV on Room for the Moon (RVNG Intl.)
  7. Kerosene! by Yves Tumor on Heaven to a Tortured Mind (Warp)
  8. Mod 3 by Area 3 on Area 3 (Pacific Rhythm)
  9. Xeno by Lyra Pramuk on Fountain (Bedroom Community)
  10. 1 step outside a pattern by perila on Silent Moves (Self-released)
  11. We Solve This Talking by JASSS on Whities 027 (Whities)
  12. Incantation 3 by Ben Bertrand on Manes (Stroom)