1. All My Life by RP Boo (self released)
  2. Cava - by Ivy Lab ( on single - (20/20 LDN))
  3. whatever you like by mobilegirl (self released)
  4. Gorilla Monsoon by Walters on Still Life EP (Reform Music)
  5. Elevating by Bell Curve on Far East Sound Club 4 (Far East Sound)
  6. Legacy by Nobel & Lorenzo BITW (Merge Layers)
  7. Click the Snap - by Deft on (single - (2020 LDN))
  8. Blade Type Beat (DEADEYE) by - AMEN The Producer ( on Dead Eye - (Sure Shot Trax))
  9. 2 B Free by DJ Deeon on Deeon Doez Deeon (Numbers)
  10. I wanna go bang by Bjarki
  11. Isotropic’s by Ultraviolet (self released)
  12. AllTheGirls (featuring Farsight) by James Bangura on Transitions EP (Pineal Sounds)
  13. DISRUPTION by INVT on Disruption EP (self released)
  14. ZIM ZIMMA (FT TAH) by Ase Manual on fuji Club Music (Like That Records)
  15. At The End (Die For Me) by Murlo on Wind Me Up EP (Butterz)
  16. Mozambique - by Doctor Jeep ( on Mozambique EP (self released))
  17. WORK ME (org 1996) by TRAXMAN on Westside Boogie Traxs (Barney’s Records)
  18. Geez Script by Proc Fiskal on London to Addis (No Hats No Hoods Records)
  19. Boca Raton by DJ SWISHA on The DJ Pack Vol. 2 (self released)
  20. Konononoone by Darren Keen on Total Nerves On Absolute Maximum EP (Polish Juke)
  21. Warehouse Acid by Dispondant on Acid Jazz EP (Defrostica Records)
  22. Hysteria by Eric Uh (self released)
  23. Do Me Wrong by DJ Ends on Siren LP (Black Marble Collective)
  24. Bad Guy by Itoa (self released)
  25. Lonely VIP - by Taso on Cold Heat Vol. 12 - (self released))
  26. EARTH WIND AND BREAKS by LIAM K. SWIGGS (self released)
  27. OFF A 98 CLASSIC (RAYRECKS FOOTWORK FIX) - by rayreck on REWORKS VOL.1 (self released)
  28. Close 2 U by BNDT72 on (single (Never Slept)
  29. Guelb Ou Dem by B-Ju x yunis
  30. Allure (BIG DOPE P Unreleased Remix) - by BRENT FAIYAZ on single - (unreleased)
  31. Can’t Take It by Mega Nugz (Reward Center)
  32. CHILL MODE by Jana Rush on Pariah (Objects Limited)
  33. Nice & Slow (HAUZ JUKE DAT REMIX) by Da Intalex (self released)
  34. Deep Shoq by Thalassa (Frenquency Remix) on Thalassa EP (Black Marble Collective)
  35. Dub Beans by Dreaming (Iberian Juke)
  36. SEEKER (IYER REMIX) by GOTH TRAD (Forbidden Trax)
  37. Goyokiba Love feat. G Frequent - by Neuropunk on Go Crazy Vol.1 (self released)
  38. Cloud Ride Feat. Dj Phil - by Heavee ( on WFM - (Teklife))
  39. Easy by K.R. Ufo on Burning Fire/Easy EP (Sapyens Records)
  40. loko by regal 86 (self released)
  41. open your mind by Stayhigh on Y’All Already Know (self released)
  42. Cry (Modern Ruin Rec) - by Sun People ( on Serenity EP (Modern Ruin Records))