Episode 80: Denley Hosts

1 "everything's fine, I guess" OneWerd (Album: everything's fine, I guess.) [Self-Released]
2 "Blissful Daze" DAILON (Unreleased)  N/A
3 "Joy, the young lioness" January Wolfsbane and Joy (Album: North To Kodiak) [Self-Released]
4 "tierra" k'in sventa N/A Unreleased
5 "UN- Limited time" Queens D.Light (Album: Flavor of Green) [Self-Released]

6 "GROWTH (feat. Shino Smoke, Coach, AR The Believer) [Prod. CoryaYo & WalterWarm]" Dreego  (Soundcloud)  N/A

7 "angst" Stoney Creation (Soundcloud) N/A

8 "Oakland Streets (Hustle for a Hobby) [feat. Negatron Johnson]" phillipdrummond Oakland Streets (Hustle for a Hobby) [feat. Negatron Johnson] -Single [Self-Released]

9 "HONESTLY" Dion Lovelle, HMPMLK (Soundcloud) N/A
10 "Windfall" Professor Brian Oblivion (Album: Water For The Town v.1) [SMART BOMB]
11 "24/7" mieksneak. (Soundcloud) N/A
12 "MIDAS" Demahjiae (Soundcloud) N/A
13 "mornin coffee" gahn (Soundcloud) N/A
14 "spending the night in" yee-lie (Soundcloud) N/A
15 "affirmations" Phedee (Soundcloud) N/A
16 "Paid Leave" MEGABUSIVE (Album: Blips and Bogies (Beat Tape)) [STEALTH MELTERS]
17 "Feel [instrumental]" Dirac Parkway Blues [Self-Released]
18 "Lucky"  Yung Akó SXT3 [Self-Released]
19 "Do It For? (Prod McStravick)" OHMi (Soundcloud)  N/A
20 "How U Feel" heru (Album: Meditation Seventeen) [Self-Released]
21 "lls"  quattro. (Album: qardinal directions - EP) [Self-Released]
22 "Free Mind (feat. Jada Imani)" Amani Jade (Album: RJ to AJ) [Self-Released]
23 "Mae West Coastin' (Blowin' Indo Out Da Window Tho)" DJ4AM (Album: The Mad Love 4 My City EP) [The Vampire on A Pony Network]

24 "Dreams and Destinations (Prod. Ms Beatz)" Cyph4 (Album: Warning Signs) [Self-Released]
25 "modern love / starman" Brycon (Album: lobster toes) [Zeroed Data]
26 "My Kind" DAFOP (Album: CHILLFLAME) [Self-Released]
27 "Distant Lite (Unmastered)" Crested (Album: Luster - EP (Forthcoming))  N/A
28 "With Everyone" Pride City Purpose (Album: Life & Sound) [Self-Released]
29 "exhale" Inzerra (Soundcloud) N/A
30 "Outer Brain (feat. The Halftone Society)" Mophono (Album: Outer Brain - Single) [Label: Mixto Records]
31 "a heart, yours, my own" IDHAZ (Album: the magic in being worn down) [Self-Released]

32 "000/4444" Headboggle x Malocculsion (Album: The Collapse by Headboggle x Malocculsion) [Ratskin Records]

33 "Moe Shuffle (Odd Nosdam Remix)" RAYPHAZE (Album: Wobbler) [((Cave)) Recordings]
34 "Pine" Redivider (Album: EARWAX ZIPTAPE SIX) [Allied Forces Press]
35 "Resolution" Mike Boo (Album: Dunhill Drone Committee) [Alpha Pup Records]