Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2015-04-06)

So psyched Forse 3 is finally out. Feel like I've been waiting forever. Totally worth the wait, though.


  1. Macchia by Alessandro Cortini on Forse 3 (Important)
  2. Susquehanna River by Andrew Weathers on Littlefield (Editions Littlefield)
  3. Baud by Biosphere on Stator (Touch)
  4. Epitaph by Nico Niquo on Epitaph (Orange Milke)
  5. Petra I by Saffron on Petra I (1080p)
  6. Wreaths by Caught In The Wake Forever on The Places Where I Worship You (Dronarivm)
  7. Collapsing Huge Glaciers And The Sun by Sakana Hosomi & Chihei Hatakeyama on Frozen Silence (White Paddy Mountain)
  8. Hunting Song by The OO-Ray on Empty Orchestra (Lifelike Family)
  9. Mass/Easter by Chester Hawkins on Apostasy Suite (Intangible Arts)
  10. Egg Mm-Muffin / Pimp Different by Shit & Shine on 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral (Rocket)
  11. Zaragoza Variations by Naturkunde Museum Ostkreuz (N.M.O.) on Tropicalyptic Excursions (The Death Of Rave)
  12. Visions from the Holy Cross Cemetery by Afraid on Sinister Vibes (Crash Symbols)
  13. How Strange Are Bodies? by Teresa Winter on Oh Tina, No Tina (Reckno)
  14. As Warmly As Possible by Christopher Hipgrave on No Greater Hero Than The Least Plant That Grows (Home Normal)
  15. Like Felled Ghosts Beneath Depthless Grey Skies by Pines on The Field Journal EP (Time Released Sound)
  16. Deep, Quiet and Alone by Desolate Horizons on Wide As The Golden Ocean (self released)