The British Are Coming 4-5-2015


  1. Reflections by Django Django on na (na)
  2. Fuzzy Dunlop by Lets Kill Janice on na (Howling Owl Records)
  3. Cruise Control by Is Tropical on Black anything pt2 (Axis Mundi)
  4. Perfect Skin by Peace on Happy People (Sony Music)
  5. Game Love by Gulp on Season Sun (everloving, inc.)
  6. 6 by Three Trapped Tigers on EP2 (Blood and biscuits)
  7. Mouth by Ghost Culture on Ghost Culture (Because Music)
  8. Yalla by Cosmo on Cosmo (Polydor LTD.)
  9. Isle of Dogs by Gang of Four on What Happens Next (Gill Music Ltd.)
  10. Gosh by Jamie XX on In Colour (Young Turks)
  11. Insides by Fort Romeau on Insides (Ghostly International)
  12. Rabbit Hole by Jamie T on Carry On the grudge (epitaph)
  13. Rain Or Shine by Young Fathers on rain or shine (big dada)
  14. Jump Into The Fog by The Wombats on This Modern Glitch (Bright Antenna)
  15. Never Awake by Drenge on never awake (infectious music UK)
  16. HEARTS THAT NEVER by East IndiaYouth on htn (XL recordings LTD.)
  17. Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice by Morrissey on Swords (Decca Music Group)
  18. Electricity by Arctic Monkeys on R U Mine? (Domino)
  19. Follow Your Visions by Omi Palone on Omi Palone (faux discX)
  20. Coming Up For Air by Philip Selway on Weatherhouse (bella union)
  21. Tropes by Crushed Beaks on Tropes (EP) (paint it black)
  22. World Contact by Virginia Wing on Measures of joy (fire records)
  23. Memo by Great Ytene on Happy Scenes (Marshall Teller records)
  24. Riot Grrrl by Keel Her on Riot Grrrl (Critical Heights)