transfiguration #135 special guest mix Maribel Tafur (Lima, Peru)


  1. 蓬莱 / Hourai  by Norihito Suda + Stijn Hüwels
  2. Warm Haze by Kenji Kihara
  3. Hatch by Ghost and Tape
  4. Ecru  by Nadia Khan
  5. Untitled by Maribel Tafur
  6. Oort  by Suss Müzik
  7. February by Taylor Deupree
  8. First volume by Oliviaway
  9. Visions   by Maribel Tafur
  10. 3 by Maribel Tafur
  11. Var by Ghost and Tape
  12. 02 3440_B by Josh Mason
  13. Syunmin by The Red Bridge Over The Valley
  14. El Cedro Azul by Federico Durand
  15. Gabreta (Part I) by Tomáš Niesner
  16. Climate I by Maribel Tafur
  17. Spiral Triptych 3 by Steve Roach
  18. Internal Shift by Perila
  19. II by Maribel Tafur
  20. Eostre by Ghost and Tape
  21. Stellar Depths by Kammarheit
  22. Watching Forever by Dino Spiluttini
  23. I/O by Maribel Tafur
  24. Self by Maribel Tafur