sadderday, #141


  1. Forgive and Forget by The Get Up Kids on The EP's: Red Letter Day and Woodson (Doghouse)
  2. Lake by Captain, We're Sinking on The Future Is Cancelled (Run For Cover)
  3. The Life of the Infidel Comes Crashing Down by The New Trust on Dark Is the Path That Lies Before Us (Slowdance)
  4. I'm Tuning To O-Positive by Hot Mulligan on Honest & Cunning (Save Your generation)
  5. This Is the Part by Gratitude on Gratitude (Atlantic)
  6. Radio by Saves the Day on Under the Boards (Equal Vision)
  7. The Alluring Sea by Coral Springs on Always Lost, Never Found (SBÄM)
  8. The Circus That Has Brought Us Back to These Nights (Yo Chocola) by The Fall of Troy on The Fall of Troy (Lujo)
  9. Start & Pause by Hopesfall on A Types (Trustkill)
  10. Haunting the Ghost by We Were Skeletons on Blame & Aging (Top Shelf)
  11. Three Summers Strong by Hot Water Music on Forever and Counting (No Idea)
  12. Why I Rejoice by Swingset In June on Demo Tape (Self Released)
  13. In Circles by The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die on In Circles (Triple Crown)
  14. Goodnight Raddick by Mock Orange on Nines & Sixes (Lobster Records)
  15. Cinema Air by The Gloria Record on Start Here (ARRCO)
  16. My Side of the Story by June on If You Speak Any Faster (Victory)
  17. Sagan-Indiana by Camp Cope on How To Socialise & Make Friends (Run For Cover)
  18. Who I Am Hates Who I've Been by Relient K on Mmhmm (Gotee)
  19. Last Call by Thursday on Common Existence (Epitaph)
  20. Pretty Good Rainbow by You'll Live on Above the Weather (Dog Knights)
  21. Memoirs by Dianacrawls on A Glitter Manifesto (Middle Man)
  22. death by nothing,nowhere. on death (self released)
  23. Lame Duck by A Day In Black & White on Notes (Level Plane)
  24. Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris by Hayley Williams on Petals For Armor II (Atlantic)
  25. Oblivion by David Bazan on Volume 2 / Number 1 / January 2015 (Self Released)
  26. Wayfarer by State Faults on Desolate Peaks (No Sleep)
  27. Song For Her by The Starting Line on We the People Demos (Self released)
  28. Appointments by Julien Baker on Turn Out The Lights (Matador)
  29. Guitar and Video Games by Sunny Day Real Estate on How It Feels to Be Something On (Sub Pop)