1. Jyro by Black Nile on Sounds of Color (Alpha Pup)
  2. HI by PROC FISKAL (self released)
  3. Bass Trips by Addison Groove on Fred Neutron (GutterFunk))
  4. BAILE DEL DURO IV by DJ CHEDRAUI on Baile Del Duro (ADED Files)
  5. Braincrash by DJ Frankie on Elevated Jitigal (FTP))
  6. Tachyon Particles by Siu Mata & Amor Satyr (HIEDRAH Club de Baile)
  7. Answer 42 by Clap42 (Highlife Recordings)
  8. Endless Run by COMOC on Dog Sign Series (Polish Juke)
  9. 2Simple & 2Clean by DJ Taye on Pyrotek3 (SS) (self released)
  10. I Feel You by Eric Uh X 1H9!N on LFW Vol. 4 (Le French Worw)
  11. TRAXCOLTRAN by TRAXMAN on 2020 vol 3 (self released)
  12. None In by Teep on 9512-18a (Juke Bounce Werk)
  13. Daydreaming by Flex Blur on prism (self released)
  14. 4AM by 7th Sense & Aku on We Got U EP (Iberian Juke)
  15. 93.1 by DJ Orange Julius on Pleasure EP (Mall Music Inc)
  16. WHO NEEDS FOREVER by TRAXMAN on 2020 vol 3 (self released)
  17. Found A Way by KiiD on Different Breed EP (Coldpakk)
  18. Drunken Trumpet Ballad by BSN Posse (self released)
  19. My Luv - by DJ Earl on (I Don’t Know EP - (Teklife))
  20. Check 1-2 - by Eric Uh ( on Sampler 160 - (Futurable))
  21. UN CABRON by DJ CHEDRAUI X CYBEREALITYライフ on Sampler 160 (Futurable)
  22. UHH OHH by DJ Paypal (Adult Swim)
  23. FFF - ( by No Ice Cream on Foxy6 (self released))
  24. Eugasmophoria by JTRA on QUARANTINE (Morning After Pill Radio)
  25. Shots (Doctor Jeep 160 Edit) by Lamont ft. Grim Sickers (self released)
  26. Break
  27. What It Is by Dub Beans on No EP (Samsara Beats)
  28. feauxafx by HomeSick on Worldwide Juke (Urban)
  29. Hyperflexx by Slick Shoota (Ball Em Up)
  30. HAHA (NO) by RITCHRD on QUARANTINE (Morning After Pill Radio)
  31. I Need You by Rootless on Tell Me The Truth (Iberian Juke)
  32. appear by FreshtilDef (Freshmoon Records)
  33. Ha Juke by Lampone on Juke Mental (Ten Toes Turbo)
  34. U Got Me Dancing by Manny (self released)
  35. OG Blood by Juke Dealer (ADED Files)
  36. Japan by Samurai Breaks (self released)
  37. moodrn by JWords on Dance Pack Vol 1 (self released)
  38. Let It Go by DJ Rashad on Rollin (self released)
  39. I’m Gone by DJ Rashad on Just a Taste (Ghettophiles)
  40. Next Life Rashad by Juke Dealer on Tributo a Rashad (Juke MX)
  41. Space Juke by DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn on .
  42. RESTLESS by TRAXMAN on 2020 vol 3 (self released)
  43. Serious - by Surly on (Surly EP - (Juke Bounce Werk))
  44. Retail Juke by Andrea (modernlove)
  45. Break
  46. Robobok by Aeropolis (DJs Winning Eleven LTS Edit) ( (self released)
  47. Want To FWK by Sonido Berserk (self released)
  48. Break
  49. THREE SIX MAFIA by PLAYA HATAZ (HI$TO REMIX) ( (Forbidden Trax)
  50. Show You How - by LOS ( on Beatbox EP - (Juke Bounce Werk))
  51. Break
  52. Vicious Trumpet - by Static ( on single - (ghetto mezikanz))
  53. Melted - by Text Chunk & Hood Joplin ( on Bank Account - (self released))
  54. Break
  55. Bumbaclottt by Tripletrain X Taso X DJ Earl on This is Tripletrain EP (self released)
  56. Vice City by Stayhigh on Loudtrax (self released)
  57. Watch Doin My Boy - by The Heights ( on single - (Juke Bounce Werk))
  58. With The Nonsense by - Wildkatz ( on T3 Traxx Vol. 2 - (Ten Toes Turbo))
  59. Trouble ( by 1OO1O x MONVCO on 64o EP - (Movelike))
  60. Nunuffruff by Dolenz (self released)