Ep.100 05.03.20 (100th Episode Special!)


  1. Grey Fantail (slowed) by - (-)
  2. Soft Meadow by Green-House on Six Songs For Invisible Gardens (Leaving Records)
  3. Skylark (slowed down) by - (-)
  4. Self Similar Melodies by Tulips on Matas Flores y Algo Más (Planet Rescue)
  5. Goldcrest (slowed down) by - (-)
  6. Awakening by D.K. on V/A Vol.1 (Voyage Select)
  7. Thrush (slowed down) by - (-)
  8. A Series Of Small Frogs by Jonny Nash & Lindsay Todd on Fauna Mapping (Island Of The Gods)
  9. Black Capped Chickadee (slowed down) by - (-)
  10. Slowly Grounding My Feet In The Sand by Emra Grid on From A Band Of Thoughts That Ended My Year (Opal Tapes)
  11. Pacific Wren (slowed down) by - (-)
  12. Wave Drops (D.K. Remix) by Susumu Yokota on Spaciousness: Music Without Boundaries (Lo Recordings)
  13. Tropical Bird (slowed down) by - (-)
  14. Untitled by MDO & Soft Fit on Long Distance Vol.1 (Ambient Assistance)
  15. Carolina Wren (slowed down) by - (-)
  16. Butterfly Dreaming by Lunaria on All Is Dream (Sounds Of The Dawn)