Pass Go Playlist 8



  1. Heatwave by Ash Reiter on Heatwave
  2. Still Your Baby by Caldecott on Rubber Tracks (Self-Released)
  3. Crooked by Leapling on Vacant Page (Exploding in Sound)
  4. The Return of Prince Donathunn by Meat Market on Meat Market (Suicide Squeeze)
  5. Gutter Girl by Hot Flash Heat Wave on All American Edition (80N7)
  6. Don't Ever Get Old by The Blank Tapes on Vacation (Antenna Farm)
  7. I've Got Something I Can Laugh About by Ash Reiter on Hola (20 Sided Records)
  8. Away For The Weekend by Social Studies on Developer (Antenna Farm)
  9. Stone To Stone by Emily Afton on Stone To Stone (Self-released)
  10. Long Hair, Short Wits by Growwler on Even Tenor (Self Released)
  11. Run Baby Run by Toro Y Moi on What For? (Carpark Records)
  12. Fiona Coyne by Skylar Spence (Carpark Records)
  13. Empty Nesters by Toro Y Moi on What For? (Carpark Records)
  14. Dirty Dreamer by Hot Flash Heat Wave on Hot Flash Heat Wave
  15. Outside by Apache on Radical Sabbatical (Burger Records)