BRVS #104 with Max Nordile


  1. Moi Void by Bathroom Laws on Pyss in Peace (NA)
  2. Humor Me by it foot, it ears on Teeter (NA)
  3. Kink Shop by Drama on Drama (NA)
  4. Jubilee by INVERTS on The Repulsion is Mutual (NA)
  5. It Must Have Been The Candle by Ocarina Orchestra on 8126A- New Wilderness Audiographics (New Wilderness Audiographics)
  6. Interregnuts by Silver Dick on Enragés Fou Noix (NA)
  7. raise yourself up by Matana Roberts on Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis (NA)
  8. Armpit Beer by Territorial Gobbing on Capitalist Art is Cartoons Fucking (Opal Tapes)
  9. Open a Rose by U.S. Maple on Acre Thrills (Skin Graft Records)
  10. [Vol live at Crystal Castle-Oakland 6/18/19] by VOL on [Vol live at Crystal Castle-Oakland 6/18/19] (NA)
  11. Tom From Space by Hits on Santo New Mixes (NA)
  12. Totem Bag by Max Nordile on Primordial Gaffe (Paisley Shirt Records)