Bitch Talk w/ Director Laurent Bouzereau & Producer Natasha Gregson Wagner from Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind

We're headed back to the Sundance Film Festival to hear Erin and The Daily Buzz co-host John Wildman talk with Director Laurent Bouzereau and Producer Natasha Gregson Wagner (Natalie Woods daughter) about their HBO documentary Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind.  It was a treat to speak with the daughter of old Hollywood royalty and to hear her talk about the process of putting together a documentary about her mother and family.

If you know the story about Natalie Woods death, it's been a mystery since day one. This documentary won't give you any concrete answers about that tragic night, but it will give you a glimpse into Wood's life as a mother, actress, and feminist. You will see through the interviews Laurent and Natasha put together that Natalie Woods is still missed and has left a huge hole in the hearts of the people that loved her.

Enjoy our interview and catch the documentary now streaming on HBO.

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