B-Side Dreams 191 - Quarantine Greetings!


  1. Brief Inner Mission by Peel Dream Magazine on Agitprop Alterna (Slumberland)
  2. Little Flower by Emily Rockarts on Little Flower (Self)
  3. Gotta Lotta Love by The Cactus Blossoms on Easy Way (Walkie Talkie Records 2018)
  4. So I Can See by Anna Burch on If You're Dreaming (Polyvinyl 2020)
  5. Perfect Paper by Primo! on Perfect Paper (Upset the Rhythm 2020)
  6. Future Teenage Cave Artists by Deerhoof on "Farewell" Symphony (Joyful Noise 2020)
  7. Help Somebody by RVG on Feral (Fire Records 2020)
  8. The Essex Princess by The Cleaners from Venus on Dolly Birds & Spies (Mister Mule 2020)
  9. Old Man by Everyone Is Dirty (Donut Time)
  10. Relay by Fiona Apple on Fetch the Bolt Cutters (Epic)
  11. The Hum by Bedouine on The Hum (Spacebomb)
  12. Kyoto by Phoebe Bridgers on Kyoto (Dead Oceans 2020)
  13. Cholla by Jerry Paper on Cholla (Stones Throw 2020)
  14. Hand in Hand by Jeremy Jay on Dangerous Boys (Switchblade Sound 2019)
  15. I Fell In Love by Helado Negro, Xenia Rubinos on I Fell In Love (Super Music Group)
  16. Past Navigator by Jacco Gardner on Somnium (Polyvinyl)