1. Look In Your Eyes by Neck Romancer on Neck Romancer (Self Released)
  2. Sidewalk Psycho by Sweet Reaper on Closer Still (Self Released)
  3. Where Did You Go by Boyracer on All Day Long EP (Emotional Response Records)
  4. Wild Child by Slander Tongue on Slander Tongue LP (Slovenly Records)
  5. Won't Go Far by Dead Bars on Split w/ Raging Nathans (Self Released)
  6. 12 O'Clock by Midnight Snaxxx on Music Inside (Slovenly Records)
  7. Open Your Eyes by Cathedrale on Houses Are Built the Same (Self Released)
  8. Reason To Run by Varsity on Reason To Run (Run For Cover Records)
  9. What If The Sun by Lenny Zenith on What If The Sun (XYYX Records)
  10. Centipede by Lucy Leave on Everyone Is Doing So Well (Divine Schism)
  11. You Are, Aren't You? by The Florists on Hold It Together (Heavy Meadows Records)
  12. Saturday Music by The Berries (Run for Cover Records)
  13. Plank I by STUCK on Change Is Bad (born yesterday records)
  14. Esoteric by Deeper on Auto-Pain (Fire Talk)
  15. Life Advice by The Cool Greenhouse on The Cool Greenhouse (Melodic Records)
  16. I Feel Alive by TOPS on I Feel Alive (Musique TOPS)
  17. Tanta Coragem by Boogarians on #fefel2020 (OAR)
  18. Fly by Zelma Stone on Dreamland (Self Released)
  19. In the Park by Wolfgang White & the Lonely Hearts on Infatuated (Third Eye Stimuli Records)
  20. Mariposa de Coalcoman by Y La Bamba on Mariposa De Coalcomán (Sub Pop)
  21. Party With the Kids Who Wanna Party With You by Bad Moves on Untenable (Don Giovanni Records)
  22. Give it a Rest by Ordinary Reaper on No Plans (Self Released)
  23. Suck My Mind by Chemtrails on The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable (PNKSLM)
  24. Say Say by Goldmines on Goldmines EP (Quality Time Records)
  25. Boomerang by GOLD DIME on My House (Fire Talk)
  26. Walking Distance by Gladie on from the basement to the garage (band) (Self Released)
  27. Not So Bad by Anna Burch on If You're Dreaming (Polyvinyl)
  28. Grand Hall by Plant Lab on Plant Lab (Self Released)
  29. Women's Work by Cold Meat on Hot and Flustered (Static Shock Records)
  30. La vérité nue by Juniore on Un, Deux, Trois (Phonographe)
  31. In This Town by Sleep Eaters (PNKSLM)
  32. Dead and Gone by Martin Savage Gang on Now We're Rollin' (Self Released)
  33. War Dance by No Age on Goons Be Gone (Drag City)
  34. Operator by Big Heet on Hiss (Self Released)
  35. The Cypher by Xetas on The Cypher (Austin Town Hall)
  36. Backwards Reason by Hyper Tensions (Let's Pretend Records)
  37. Automatic by Carbonas on Your Moral Superiors (Goner Records)
  38. Proto Caves by Green/Blue on Green/Blue (Slovenly Records)