sadderday, #144


  1. Animals by David Bazan on Volume 2 / Number 4 / April 2015 (Self Released)
  2. Window Seats by Geoff Farina on Usonian Dream Sequence (Southern)
  3. Prove My Hypotheses by Death Cab for Cutie on You Can Play These Songs With Chords (Barsuk)
  4. Perfect Pair by Far on Listening Game (Sweat A River, Live No Lies)
  5. Wayside Rest by Standbye on The Coping Mechanisms
  6. The Rain It Raineth by Dad Thighs on The Ghosts That I Fear (Old Press)
  7. Who Are You Now by Sleeping With Sirens on Let's Cheers To This (Rise)
  8. Ties by Feed Dogs on Bless This Mess (Self Released)
  9. War Stories by Octaves on Exact Change (Self Released)
  10. Yellow Angels by With Clarity on A Tribute to Senses Fail (Self Released)
  11. But It Felt So Real by Make Me on Unreleased (Unreleased)
  12. Brains by Marietta on As It Were (Near Mint)
  13. Lux Perpetus by Dahlia Seed on Survived By (Troubleman Unlimited)
  14. I Got Worried…I Was So Freaking Scared of That Window, You Know by Suffocate for Fuck Sake on Blazing Fires and Helicopters on the Front Page of the Newspaper. There's a War Going On and I'm Marching in Heavy Boots. (Esucha!)
  15. K HORSE by Head Automatica on Popaganda (Warner Borthers)
  16. Parrots Just Don't Understand by Kidcrash on Jokes (Ape Must Not Kill Ape)
  17. The Descent by The Weekend Transit on Dust and Color (Self Released)
  18. Annexation Of Puerto Rico by A Static Lullaby on A Static Lullaby (Fearless)
  19. More Explosive Than A Jerry Bruckheimer Joint by Wow, Owls! on Mind Explosion Demo (Self Released)
  20. И Сердцем Не Старей by Kashtanka on Взаимность (Self Released)
  21. Fake Friends by Nu-95 on Fall Until We Fly (Self Released)
  22. Useless Heart by Vena Morris on Useless Heart (Self Released)
  23. A Place To Die by Dependence on Remembering Everything (InVogue)
  24. That's Too Bad by Bag Of Bones on Split (Driftwood)
  25. My Token Boy by The Evergreen Trio on Lift Up Your Voice (Self Released)
  26. Coreopsis by Schatzi on Motion City Soundtrack / Schatzi (Doghouse)
  27. Let Go/Trashed Floors by Tigers Jaw on Two Worlds (Run For Cover)
  28. Made in Secret by Rainer Maria on Rainer Maria EP (Polyvinyl)
  29. Long Drive by Copley Woods on Contact (Self Released)
  30. Sunset & 32nd by Strike Anywhere on Change Is A Sound (Jade Tree)