The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ SINthetik Messiah & DJ Misti (Norfolk, VA) 6/16/20


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  1. Can You Feel (Ultra-Slut Version) by SINthetic Messiah on Noise Of The Past Vol. 2 (2017) $ Buy
  2. Love Hurt Bleed by Gary Numan on Love Hurt Bleed (2013) $ Buy
  3. Animal by Kanga on KANGA (2016) $ Buy
  4. Your Master Is Calling by Pink Turns Blue on Meta (1988) $ Buy
  5. Dieche (Short Version) by Sex Gang Children on Ecstasy And Vendetta Over New York (1984) $ Buy
  6. Languish (feat. Cat Hall) by SINthetic Messiah on Split Damage EP (2020) $ Buy
  7. Sparks by Faith & The Muse on Elyria (1994) $ Buy
  8. No Name, No Slogan by Acid Horse on No Name, No Slogan (1989) $ Buy
  9. Martyr by Acolyte on unreleased (2020) $ Buy
  10. O Magnum Mysterium by Soil & Eclipse on Purity (2002) $ Buy
  11. Capulet Loves Montague by Astari Nite on Capulet Loves Montague (2020) $ Buy
  12. DS1 [Industrial Bass] by SINthetic Messiah on Revelations Of The Nintendo Generation Vol. 1 (2013) $ Buy
  13. Warm Leatherette by Velocity Star feat. Rose McDowell on The Final Solstice (1999) $ Buy