The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ SINthetik Messiah & DJ Misti (Norfolk, VA) 6/16/20


  1. Can You Feel (Ultra-Slut Version) by SINthetic Messiah on Noise Of The Past Vol. 2
  2. Love Hurt Bleed by Gary Numan on Love Hurt Bleed
  3. Animal by Kanga on KANGA
  4. Your Master Is Calling by Pink Turns Blue on Meta
  5. Dieche (Short Version) by Sex Gang Children on Ecstasy And Vendetta Over New York
  6. Languish (feat. Cat Hall) by SINthetic Messiah on Split Damage EP
  7. Sparks by Faith & The Muse on Elyria
  8. No Name, No Slogan by Acid Horse on No Name, No Slogan
  9. Martyr by Acolyte on unreleased
  10. O Magnum Mysterium by Soil & Eclipse on Purity
  11. Capulet Loves Montague by Astari Nite on Capulet Loves Montague
  12. DS1 [Industrial Bass] by SINthetic Messiah on Revelations Of The Nintendo Generation Vol. 1
  13. Warm Leatherette by Velocity Star feat. Rose McDowell on The Final Solstice