1. All I Do Is Lust by Heather Leigh on Glory Days (Boomkat Editions)
  2. Extension (Attack) by Thomas Köner on Motus (Mille Plateaux)
  3. Capital Zeiss (feat. Ultrafog) by ᕦ​(​ò_óˇ​)​ᕤ on High School Blues (Motion Ward)
  4. The City by Jockstrap on Wicked City (Warp)
  5. Soft Power by patten on GLOW (555-5555)
  6. Jonathan by Croatian Amor on All In The Same Breath (Posh Isolation)
  7. Tuesday by Darkstar on Civic Jams (Warp)
  8. Soft Meadow by Green-House on Six Songs for Invisible Gardens (Leaving Records)
  9. Stuiver by Machinefabriek & Anne Baker on Oehoe (Where To Now?)
  10. AS Too Late by Amnesia Scanner on Tearless (PAN)
  11. Metabolist Meter (Foster, Cottin, Caetani and a Fly) by Max Eilbacher on Forma / Metabolist Meter (Portraits GRM)