47 - Wake Up to Make Up


  1. The Comb by The Waitresses on The Akron Compilation (Stiff Records)
  2. Wake Up by Chromagain on Any Colour We Liked (Mannequin)
  3. Make-Up by Prince on Originals (Paisley Park)
  4. Over The Shoulder by Ministry on Twitch
  5. No More Part Time Lovin by Flight on Flying High / No More Part Time Lovin (Fly 4)
  6. Herz atmet Echos by Belfegore on A Dog Is Born (Pure Freude 1983)
  7. Tease by Masayoshi Takanaka on Natsu Zen Kai (Kitty)
  8. Disco Robot by Droids on Disco Robot / Cosmic Space Shuttle (Starrwarzz)
  9. Let The Music Guide You by Cleo McNett on Let The Music Guide You (McNett Records)
  10. The Great Escape by Denny Greene on Denny Greene (Midsong)
  11. Ridin' high by Parlet on Pleasure Princple (The Island)
  12. Bodyshop by Sweat Band on Sweat Band (Uncle Jam)
  13. Let's Do It by Kadenza on Let's Do It (PRT)
  14. Blackmail by 10cc on The Original Soundtrack (Mercury)
  15. I Belong To A World That's Destroying Itself by I Belong to a World on I Belong To A World That's Destroying Itself (Ironic Records)
  16. Goodbye Horses Demo 1 by Q Lazzarus on Goodbye Horses (Mon Amie Records)
  17. Five Hundred Miles by Mamman Sani on Unreleased Tapes 1981-1984 (Sahel Sounds)
  18. Melodic Piece (demo) by Blancmange on Happy Families (London)
  19. The Avenue by OMD on Navigation (The OMD B-Sides (Virgin)
  20. Red, Green and Blue You by Kevin Ayers on Shooting at the Moon (Parlophone)
  21. Danny Boy by Ted Greene on Solo Guitar