47 - Wake Up to Make Up


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  1. The Comb by The Waitresses on The Akron Compilation (Stiff Records ) $ Buy
  2. Wake Up by Chromagain on Any Colour We Liked (Mannequin) $ Buy
  3. Make-Up by Prince on Originals (Paisley Park) $ Buy
  4. Over The Shoulder by Ministry on Twitch (1986) $ Buy
  5. No More Part Time Lovin by Flight on Flying High / No More Part Time Lovin (Fly 4) $ Buy
  6. Herz atmet Echos by Belfegore on A Dog Is Born (Pure Freude 1983) $ Buy
  7. Tease by Masayoshi Takanaka on Natsu Zen Kai (Kitty) $ Buy
  8. Disco Robot by Droids on Disco Robot / Cosmic Space Shuttle (Starrwarzz ) $ Buy
  9. Let The Music Guide You by Cleo McNett on Let The Music Guide You (McNett Records) $ Buy
  10. The Great Escape by Denny Greene on Denny Greene (Midsong) $ Buy
  11. Ridin' high by Parlet on Pleasure Princple (The Island ) $ Buy
  12. Bodyshop by Sweat Band on Sweat Band (Uncle Jam) $ Buy
  13. Let's Do It by Kadenza on Let's Do It (PRT) $ Buy
  14. Blackmail by 10cc on The Original Soundtrack (Mercury) $ Buy
  15. I Belong To A World That's Destroying Itself by I Belong to a World on I Belong To A World That's Destroying Itself (Ironic Records) $ Buy
  16. Goodbye Horses Demo 1 by Q Lazzarus on Goodbye Horses (Mon Amie Records) $ Buy
  17. Five Hundred Miles by Mamman Sani on Unreleased Tapes 1981-1984 (Sahel Sounds) $ Buy
  18. Melodic Piece (demo) by Blancmange on Happy Families (London) $ Buy
  19. The Avenue by OMD on Navigation (The OMD B-Sides (Virgin) $ Buy
  20. Red, Green and Blue You by Kevin Ayers on Shooting at the Moon (Parlophone) $ Buy
  21. Danny Boy by Ted Greene on Solo Guitar (-) $ Buy