The Quarter Quell! That's a Hunger Games reference


  1. The Warmth Of The Sun by The Beach Boys on The Warmth Of The Sun (Capitol Records)
  2. Tuesday Night by Fast Times (War Chant Recordings)
  3. Skytop Garden by Nice Guys, JAWNY on Nice Guys Love You (Vol 1) (Self-Release)
  4. Howard (Yeezus Intro) by 7-11 Jesus on Let's Keep The Hive Alive (The Honey Hive Gallery)
  5. Whistle in the Wind (End of Everything) (feat. Lala Lala) by Twin Peaks on Side A (Grand Jury)
  6. Golden Hour by Fuzzell (Ryan Elliott)
  7. Wooden Swords by Max Collier on Loverboy (Is It Art?)
  8. Bubblegum by New Fossils on Picking Scabs (Self-Released)
  9. Mariana Trench by Bright Eyes (Dead Oceans)
  10. Yr Pretty House by NRVS LVRS on Cult Lite (Hz Castle)
  11. ARIEL ARIEL Stripped by The Griswolds (NHMM)
  12. Slow Down by Derek Ted (Sunroom records and salon)
  13. Dream World (acoustic version) by The Growlers (Beach Goth Records)
  14. Augenblick: A Moment In Time by Reisender (Self-Released)
  15. Out For The Night - Live by The Marias (Superclean)
  16. Sucker by Madeline Kenney on Sucker's Lunch (Carpark)
  17. Foot on Necks by SAULT on 5 (Forever Living Originals)
  18. Monte Carlo (feat. WET) by Toro y Moi on Outer Peace (Company Records)
  19. The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady (feat Eminem) by Kid Cudi, Eminem (Republic)
  20. duude! by Hit Me, Harold on Let's Keep The Hive Alive (The Honey Hive Gallery)
  21. Hard To Love by DYGL on Songs of Innocence & Experience (Anniversary)
  22. Dressed by Like Roses (Self Released)
  23. Home Stu by Spendtime Palace on Banded Against Racism (Park The Van)
  24. Better Now by Carpool Tunnel (Sound B Studios)
  25. Sunshine by The Brummies (Sandbox Entertainment)
  26. will i get cancelled if i write a song called, by Illuminati Hotties (self-released)
  27. The Man Who Sold The World by Ramonda Hammer (New Professor)
  28. Let's See by Devendra Banhart (Nonesuch Records)
  29. Night III (Coming Down) by Hate Drugs on Ponderosa (Young Tide)
  30. Stay With Me by High Sunn on Our Perception (Spirit Goth)
  31. Boutonniere by Honyock on banded against racism (Park The Van)
  32. Is This The Dream by The Zombies on The Original Studio Recordings (Marquis Enterprises)