Episode 89: Denley Hosts

1 "How Long" Arula (Album: How Long - Single) [Self-Released]

2 "The Sadness Destroyer (feat. Yuko Araki)" Yobkiss (Album: The Remains of a Gone Optimism (MR-084)) [Medical Records]

3 "Life Pavilion" Sacré Cheu (Album: Life Pavillion - Single) [Self-Released]
4 "Expressions Of Unity" Elexos (Album: Expressions Of Unity) [Self-Released]

5 "Time Being (feat. Myka Nyne, Majaal)" The Genie (Album: Time Being (feat. Myka Nyne, Majaal) - Single) [Self-Released]

6 "Double Helix" Turner Capehart (Album: Double Helix - Single) [Self-Released]
7 "Infinite Wave" The Beat Broker (Album: Back to Business) [Bear Funk]
8 "Inner Lights" Shiny Objects (Album: Intermittent Soul) [Om Records]
9 "Golden Hours" Zonetech (Album: Zonetech- Various Zones) [Squirrels on Film]
10 "The Last Mod" Time Zones (Album: The Last Mod - Single) [Self-Released]
11 "Pacific Fog Authority" C.L.A.W.S. (Album: Splat City EP) [Squirrels on Film]
12 "Dawn Light" Mnemosyne (Album: Transitions) [Self-Released]
13 "Hands" Christina Chatfield (Album: Finite EP - BMG08) [Beretta Music]
14 "Lysergic" Sean Raya (Album: From the Vault 001) [From the Vault]
15 "Yonder w/ Justin Martin" Ardalan (Album: Yonder EP) [Trippy Ass Technologies]
16 "Hogweed" Bellona (Album: Boyhood) [La Mano]
17 "Naborrite" Mirage Island (Album: Give Way / The Spire / Naborrite) [Inquiry Records]
18 "The Night" Eric Tucker (Album: Musica Records - M001) [Musica Records]
19 "SHE GO" ONE A (Album: FUTUR3TRO : 002) [Self-Released]
20 "GO (Vin Sol's Jackin House Remix)" Matt Perkins + Skyler Redondo (Album: ICD002 // GO) [I Can't Dance]
21 "Floralia" Colin Dyer (Album: First Wave Sketches) [Self-Released]