1. WEM Lagoon Jump by Khotin on Finds You Well (Ghostly)
  2. Anima by Sophia Loizou on Untold (Houndstooth)
  3. Wave (Actress Remix) by LEYA on Wave (Actress Remix) (NNA Tapes)
  4. My Lips Get Hot by Saskia on Eeuwig Op Reis (Stroom)
  5. Heliot's Trip by JJ+JS on 1 (Lilerne Tapes)
  6. Serum 1 by Jonnine on Blue Hills (Boomkat Editions)
  7. Give Thanks by Waon-P on Waon-P (The Trilogy Tapes)
  8. Cut Through The Noise by Mønic on In A Certain Light (Osiris Music)
  9. How To Fight by Eartheater on Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin (PAN)
  10. Nostalgic Melancholy Pt.2 by Regular Citizen on Patsy Hangdog (Presto!?)