transfiguration #150 ashes to ashes mix (tina burner)


  1. Nocturn by Ital Tek on Dream Boundary (Planet Mu)
  2. Conejo Malo by Meth Math on Pompi (AWAL)
  3. Rider 2 (Sittin' On Nothing) by GILA (Lex Records)
  4. Hope by K-LONE & Ill Chill on Rare Jewels (Wisdom Teeth)
  5. Smokers Jacket (top down mix) by Cofaxx on Smokers Jacket (top down mix) (256 recordings)
  6. Revegetation Area 2002 by Andras on Chill Pill II (Public Possession)
  7. I've Been Here Before by Whitesquare on Seventy Days of Déjà Vu (Life And Death)
  8. Haunter by Yard Nule (DIRTH)
  9. mutation -Priori Refuzz by RAMZi on cocoons (FATI records)
  10. Acid At 7/11 by Yung Lean on Starz (YEAR0001)
  11. Yowl by E L L E (E L L E worldwide)
  12. Psychic Bb by Ava Lux on Princess Heaven (Queen of Swamps)
  13. Days of Sadness (Lstngt Remix) by Wind Atlas & LSTNGT on Arche - Fossil (Remixes) (Conjunto Vacio)
  14. See Ya (Single Edit) by The Bilinda Butchers (ZOOM LENS)
  15. About You Now by OTTO on World Greetings (PLZ Make It Ruins)
  16. Anyone Around by Jessy Lanza on All the Time (Hyperdub)
  17. Mountain by Damian Lazarus (Higher Ground)
  18. A Leap (feat. Achico) by XTAL (Jun Records)
  19. Digital Native f/ Takako Minekawa by Magic Touch on Private Lesson (Total Stasis)
  20. Out of Space by Populous & Cuushe on W (Wonderwheel Recordings)
  21. Secret in Japan by Maria Usbeck on Envejeciendo (Cascine)
  22. If This Is I Don't Know What Isn'T by тпсб (Whities)
  23. Coy Dub by Maral on Mahur Club (Astral Plane Recordings)
  24. La Si by Ditti on Khao Peeyo (curuba)
  25. Sada Koyama by Señora on Señora (Hug Records)
  26. Buzz by NA DJ on Manara International Presents: The Ultimate Spice Mix (Night Slugs)
  27. Jalebi by M.O.S. (Shanti Radio Moscow)
  28. Tutu by Laroz on Summer Sol V (sol selectas)
  29. Mumbai by Jose Manuel on Phat Phil Cooper Presents NuNorthern Soul Winter Warmers (NuNorthern Soul)
  30. Gayatri by Mente Orgánica (Echoes from Venus)