transfiguration #150 ashes to ashes mix (tina burner)


  1. Nocturn by Ital Tek on Dream Boundary (Planet Mu)
  2. Conejo Malo by Meth Math on Pompi ( AWAL )
  3. Rider 2 (Sittin' On Nothing) by GILA on Rider 2 (Sittin' On Nothing) - Single (Lex Records )
  4. Hope by K-LONE & Ill Chill on Rare Jewels (Wisdom Teeth)
  5. Smokers Jacket (top down mix) by Cofaxx on Smokers Jacket (top down mix) (256 recordings )
  6. Revegetation Area 2002 by Andras on Chill Pill II (Public Possession )
  7. I've Been Here Before by Whitesquare on Seventy Days of Déjà Vu (Life And Death )
  8. Haunter by Yard Nule on Haunter - Single (DIRTH )
  9. mutation -Priori Refuzz by RAMZi on cocoons (FATI records)
  10. Acid At 7/11 by Yung Lean on Starz (YEAR0001)
  11. Yowl by E L L E on Yowl - Single (E L L E worldwide )
  12. Psychic Bb by Ava Lux on Princess Heaven (Queen of Swamps )
  13. Days of Sadness (Lstngt Remix) by Wind Atlas & LSTNGT on Arche - Fossil (Remixes) (Conjunto Vacio)
  14. See Ya (Single Edit) by The Bilinda Butchers on See Ya - Single (ZOOM LENS)
  15. About You Now by OTTO on World Greetings (PLZ Make It Ruins )
  16. Anyone Around by Jessy Lanza on All the Time (Hyperdub )
  17. Mountain by Damian Lazarus on Mountain - Single (Higher Ground)
  18. A Leap (feat. Achico) by XTAL on A Leap (feat. Achico) - Single ( Jun Records )
  19. Digital Native f/ Takako Minekawa by Magic Touch on Private Lesson (Total Stasis )
  20. Out of Space by Populous & Cuushe on W (Wonderwheel Recordings )
  21. Secret in Japan by Maria Usbeck on Envejeciendo (Cascine)
  22. If This Is I Don't Know What Isn'T by тпсб on Whities 031 - Single ( Whities )
  23. Coy Dub by Maral on Mahur Club (Astral Plane Recordings )
  24. La Si by Ditti on Khao Peeyo (curuba )
  25. Sada Koyama by Señora on Señora (Hug Records)
  26. Buzz by NA DJ on Manara International Presents: The Ultimate Spice Mix (Night Slugs)
  27. Jalebi by M.O.S. on Jalebi - Single (Shanti Radio Moscow)
  28. Tutu by Laroz on Summer Sol V (sol selectas )
  29. Mumbai by Jose Manuel on Phat Phil Cooper Presents NuNorthern Soul Winter Warmers (NuNorthern Soul)
  30. Gayatri by Mente Orgánica on Gayatri - Single (Echoes from Venus)