The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Twin Tribes; Roy & Ada Retrofit (Washington, DC) 8/18/20


  1. Shadows by Twin Tribes on Shadows (Young And Cold)
  2. Come Closer by Boy Harsher on Careful (Nude Club)
  3. Worn Skin by Bestial Mouths on Heartless (Cleopatra)
  4. Saraband by Corpus Delicti on Sylphes (Glasnost)
  5. It's No Good by I Ya Toyah (self released/Bandcamp)
  6. Obsidian by Twin Tribes on Ceremony (Young And Cold)
  7. Teardrop (Phutureprimitive Remix) by Massive Attack on Array Vol 2 compilation (Autonomous Music)
  8. Eat Their Young by ESA on Eat Their Young EP (Negative Gain)
  9. Man Up Now (Statik Sekt Remix) by Red This Ever on Attack Attacked (Nevitible)
  10. Weaponized by 11Grams on Humanified (EKP)
  11. Fantasmas by Twin Tribes on Ceremony (Young And Cold)
  12. Whirl by Soft Kill on Choke (Cercle Social)
  13. Poezda by Chernoburkv on ЛАБИРИНТЫ (self released/Bandcamp)
  14. To Die In Paris by Black Nail Cabaret on Gods Verging On Sanity (Dependent)