transfiguration # 153 a rabbits tale mix (tina burner)


  1. A Raccoon Got Loose In the House and Fell Asleep In the Laundry by Dylan Henner on The Invention of the Human (AD 93)
  2. The Stone Garden by Seizan Ishigaki on Authentic Japan (Sonoton / APM Music)
  3. Heatwave by Longhair on Heatwave (Claptrap)
  4. Acidus by Marius Vareid on 15 Years Full Pupp Pt.2 (Full Pupp)
  5. Elevation by Disco Rigido on Elevation (Sonar Kollektiv)
  6. Yasmin by Kino Todo (Disco Halal)
  7. Vou Pra Longe (Floatin') by Carrot Green (Bajolo)
  8. Runt of the Litter by Jad & The on Bernauer Strasse Shuffle (Beats of No Nation)
  9. Manta by Alma Negra on Manta EP (Alma Negra Records)
  10. Moon Buggy by Clive From Accounts on Door to the Cosmos (On The Corner)
  11. I Just Love it by Earth Boys on Earth Tones (Shall Not Fade)
  12. Good Life by Jesse Bru on Happiness Therapy Split, Vol. 2 (Happiness Therapy)
  13. Just a Motion Away by Tilman on One for the Trouble (Shall Not Fade)
  14. Baby I Let You A Bath In by Mazzo on Gentle Winds (Gated)
  15. High Tide by Manuel Darquart on The Adriatic (Infinite Pleasure)
  16. Humming Bird by Atsushi Yano on Whole Rotta Love (Omena Records)
  17. Sandy Walk by Bootie Grove on Ltdblbl007 (Ltd, W/Lbl)
  18. 5459 by Philip Budny on Shades of Blue (Aronia Records)
  19. Balafon by Contours on Forward Motion (ANMA Records)
  20. Wave for Octave by Leon Revol on Enter a Zircon (Church Recordings)
  21. Wandering in the Fog by Yagya on Old Dreams and Memories (Small Plastic Animals)
  22. Bow Down (Ptaki Remix) by Tempelhof & Gigi Masin on Hoshi (Remixed) (Hell Yeah)
  23. So by The Soft Pink Truth on Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase? (Thrill Jockey)