transfiguration # 153 a rabbits tale mix (tina burner)


  1. A Raccoon Got Loose In the House and Fell Asleep In the Laundry by Dylan Henner on The Invention of the Human (AD 93 )
  2. The Stone Garden by Seizan Ishigaki on Authentic Japan (Sonoton / APM Music )
  3. Heatwave by Longhair on Heatwave (Claptrap )
  4. Acidus by Marius Vareid on 15 Years Full Pupp Pt.2 (Full Pupp )
  5. Elevation by Disco Rigido on Elevation (Sonar Kollektiv )
  6. Yasmin by Kino Todo on Yasmin - Single (Disco Halal )
  7. Vou Pra Longe (Floatin') by Carrot Green on Bajolo Vol. I - Single (Bajolo)
  8. Runt of the Litter by Jad & The on Bernauer Strasse Shuffle (Beats of No Nation )
  9. Manta by Alma Negra on Manta EP ( Alma Negra Records)
  10. Moon Buggy by Clive From Accounts on Door to the Cosmos (On The Corner )
  11. I Just Love it by Earth Boys on Earth Tones (Shall Not Fade )
  12. Good Life by Jesse Bru on Happiness Therapy Split, Vol. 2 (Happiness Therapy)
  13. Just a Motion Away by Tilman on One for the Trouble (Shall Not Fade )
  14. Baby I Let You A Bath In by Mazzo on Gentle Winds (Gated)
  15. High Tide by Manuel Darquart on The Adriatic (Infinite Pleasure )
  16. Humming Bird by Atsushi Yano on Whole Rotta Love (Omena Records)
  17. Sandy Walk by Bootie Grove on Ltdblbl007 (Ltd, W/Lbl )
  18. 5459 by Philip Budny on Shades of Blue (Aronia Records )
  19. Balafon by Contours on Forward Motion (ANMA Records)
  20. Wave for Octave by Leon Revol on Enter a Zircon (Church Recordings)
  21. Wandering in the Fog by Yagya on Old Dreams and Memories (Small Plastic Animals )
  22. Bow Down (Ptaki Remix) by Tempelhof & Gigi Masin on Hoshi (Remixed) (Hell Yeah)
  23. So by The Soft Pink Truth on Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase? ( Thrill Jockey)